​Supporting ​You on Your Spiritual Journey. 

All Are Welcome.

Opportunities for Amusement
So, my brother and I just got back from a workshop we attended together. It was about meditations to improve[...]

Welcome Home

To a home like you may have never known. We walk a path together holding sacred ground for one another as we explore our spirituality.

Our Mission

Through our experience, strength and faith, we create a spiritually supportive environment that allows us to find our joy, enlightenment, and spiritual sanctuary.

Our Journey

We explore the Truth in all religions, through the lens of Christianity, with reverent attention to Native American teachings. Each person holds his/her own personal truth to be sacred.

Our Joy

Energy flows where the attention goes. That which we focus on, we attract into our lives. We choose to focus on joy, love, and gratitude for all that we have, thereby drawing more to us.

Our Love

Love, compassion and kindness lead the way to our true selves and to Divine Source

Sunday Service - Every Sunday at 10 AM (ish)


We Begin each service with a smile as we share humor and things that make you go "hmmm".


From modern rock, to country, we enjoy we enjoy music with an uplifting, spirit-filled message.


By focusing on Universal Truths, our diverse faiths meet joyfully, sharing spiritual thoughts that uplift, encourage, and challenge our thinking.

Guided Meditation

Meditation allows us the opportunity to connect with our Divine Source.

Holy Communion

We each take a moment to honor our Divine Spirit as we commune with one another.

Energy Circle

​Our energy circle offers healing energy and ends with this blessing, "May your life be a prayer."

If you can't join us in person check out our latest services on YouTube.

Messages Channeled from The Ancient Ones 

Shifting to Sacred Ground
You are more powerful than you know. You can change your mind and with it your intent. You can have[...]
Time and Possibilities
Where you are and where you want to be exist simultaneously in time. How you are and how you want[...]
The Process of Discovery
You crave assurance that you are right or that you are on the right path. This assurance can only come[...]

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