Opportunities for Amusement

So, my brother and I just got back from a workshop we attended together. It was about meditations to improve intuition. Have you heard of Jose Silva? It was a Mind-Valley class based upon Silva’s work.

The class was pretty cool. Well, all except the red folding metal chairs. (Yikes!) As we were leaving Seattle for our 3 ½ hour drive home, we chatted about the class and what we got out of it. That’s a great way to retain the information received from any class – talk about it right away.

I did have one thing that I just didn’t care for. At one point the presenters started talking about all the important or famous people that have taken these classes. I shut down pretty darn fast when that starts to happen. Well, my brother said he really LIKED that part! It helped him to make it real to recognize who also participated.

Well isn’t that crazy!

The very thing that annoyed me was the very thing he needed!

People are so weird, are we not?

If I hadn’t mentioned my reaction, I would still have gotten stuck in the fact that the “name-dropping” was uncomfortable for me. Now I can see that it may not fit for me, but is important to others! I get to get over myself about that. I get to shift my perception and move into a more expansive point of view!

Makes me wonder where else I’ve gotten stuck in my own preferences and haven’t allowed for the preferences of others. I just automatically assume others are just like me.

During the processes for the class, my brother and I had opposite skill sets. One part of the processes I did really well and one part he did really well. One part he thought had great value while I got a bit bored.

Even though we had totally different responses to the workshop, we both enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.

The lesson for me here is not getting backed up because I don’t prefer something a certain way. It’s also a heads up for me to vary my teaching techniques a bit more. Hmmm. Lots to ponder about that!

Because I care about my brother, I could accept his perspective with loving awareness. If it was someone else, would I be more likely to criticize

or reject them because they perceived things differently? I hope not, not so sure! My opinions feel really right to me and really strong to me. I’m grateful this opportunity showed up to teach me yet another level of acceptance and inclusion.

I don’t have to agree with my brother. In fact, it would be destructive for me to dismiss my opinion and accept his, just because he said that’s how it is for him. I get to have my own views and opinions. I just don’t get to expect others to think or feel that same way.

In my first marriage, I would have doubted myself and felt as if my feelings and ideas were wrong. I would have tried to make myself like something that didn’t fit for me. Not only would that make me unhappy, it would make me fake – untrue to myself. Not worth it.

If someone attempts to push their opinions upon you, you can recognize that you view things differently. That’s wonderful! At the same time, hold to your own space and awareness. I didn’t try to make my brother dislike the naming-of-names. In turn, he didn’t mock me for not liking that. We just found it really amusing.

Let’s find more opportunities for amusement and less opportunities for argument.

Shifting to Sacred Ground

You are more powerful than you know. You can change your mind and with it your intent. You can have a change of heart and with it a shift in consciousness.

These changes create ripples of change throughout the Universe. You may not feel the impact of one little change, and yet it is the beginning of a huge shift in consciousness.

Our concern for you is that you tend to stay stuck when you'd rather move forward. Those old patterns, once established, hold an anchor of energy. This is a good thing! This keeps you stable as you grow and learn.

However, when the time comes to lift anchor and set sail, the will gets caught in same-ness hypnosis. Today bleeds into tomorrow and soon many tomorrows flow by. This is not getting into the flow we speak of! This is the standing still while the journey flows around you. We prefer you step into the flow and allow the flow to carry you to a new perspective - a new point of view - a new existence.

As you move into a new level of awareness, you expand that awareness and you set a new vibration into motion in the physical plane and in the Etherial Realms.

When you bring your sacred awareness into the process, everything shifts into a sacred energy. There are many things in your awareness right now that are not sacred. Bring a new sacred awareness into and onto that experience and things shift toward the greater good.

This frees you to be more authentic and more at ease in your own world.

Welcome this new world and move freely into this new level of flow. Life uplifts you more and you awaken more deeply into the truth of who you really are.

We uplift you as you find footing in this new level of awareness. Greater power awaits you.

Time and Possibilities

Where you are and where you want to be exist simultaneously in time. How you are and how you want to be also exist simultaneously in time.

Because you don't know what you want, variations of your possible intentions exist simultaneously in time. The variety in no way lessens the possibility of the outcome. Any outcome has the same energetic possibility held in a space in time.

You get to choose based upon your trajectory from here. What you've already decided about yourself and your journey aligns you with a distinct possibility for your future. The choices you make right now, the shifts you make right now, the gratitude you express right now . . . these things impact the future that unfolds for you.

Whatever you choose for yourself merely reflects the lessons and the challenges your soul requires for now. No shame or blame or fear of the outcome. Just know that choice of attitude and attention along with gratitude and grace guides the flow from one moment to the next.

Choose gratitude and choose love first. Everything else will fall into place. Your first gratitude might be being grateful that you have the right to choose.

We are grateful for you and your bright spirit of free-will that allows you so many bright futures!

What Choice Do I Have

So, I got my feelings hurt this morning. I was sharing something I thought was important and the person I was talking to interrupted me to tell me about something else. I let it slide knowing that they had a lot on their mind. When they did it a second time in our conversation, I felt hurt.

We concluded our talk and went on about our day.

I felt bummed out. I felt mad that I wasn’t listened to. I felt disappointed that something I was excited about was discarded so easily by someone I cared about. I felt irritated for all the times I listened to things they had to say whether I was directly interested or not.

I began to stew. My brain brought up all the other times this person has done this very thing!

Then I stopped myself short. This was getting me nowhere but in a dark spiral downward. No! Not going there!

I could call a friend who would side with me and support me in my sorrow. That would be really nice, but that would also keep me stuck there.

I could call another friend who would tell me to get over it. That might be a good idea, but certainly wouldn’t make me feel any better. And truth be known, I didn’t want to get over it! It hurt!

What other choice might I have?

I could find a way to shift . . . couldn’t I?

I did some writing about a totally different subject. That got me a bit of distance from the hurt feelings. I sat out in the sun for a bit and did some reading. That got me a bit more distance from the hurt feelings. I was taking care of myself. Nurturing myself.

Then I got to thinking about it again from a different perspective – a nurtured perspective. I got to thinking about where the other person was and the difficulty that was weighing on them. They whole heart and mind was consumed with their current challenge. Their slighting me had nothing to do with me. I could take their slight personally or I could see it for what it really was – their own pain taking over their awareness.

In that moment, I decided to recognize their pain and their challenge with compassion. All of a sudden, my own hurt feelings vanished. I began to consider how I might be more supportive of them. I also began to remember all the times they were supportive of me! I had forgotten! My feeling hurt had blinded me from that truth!!

My decision to recognize them with compassion totally eliminated the pain I had been feeling. It was GONE!!

What a huge relief!

I was then able to joyfully begin writing this to you. What a huge shift!

I think this shift is called forgiveness