Message From The Ancient Ones – Shine On

We wish we could show you what we see from our perspective in the ethereal realms. We wish you could see what we see when we observe you. We wish you could see the energy of your heart-space.

When you are open and trusting, light emanates from the core of your being and flows outward. You might think we would use the word "shines" as like emanates from you, yet it is more like a flow.

This flow swirls and moves as it emanates from you. It's not as if you are pouring your energy out, it is as if your "cup runneth over" and the excess light flows out of your being. This in no way diminishes you.

If you are closed and fearful, there is still a small emanation of light. It too, flows out of you just as a night light emanates light. You do not emanate more light than you have nor do you emanate excess light when you are feeling low. What you require remains with you. Even so, your heart emanates light because it it what your heart does.

As your heart beats to keep you alive, your heart-of-heart emanates to keep you alive. It is part of who you are and what makes you a living being!

So, so see you move into a place where you know your worth and you feel compassion for your fellow Earth-travelers, this light flow emanation is spectacular! It looks like a blazing sunset or a brilliant dawning of a new day.

If you can imagine this, you can have a small sense of what we see. If you perceived this, you would know how truly magnificent you are. Those that foster a Spiritual connection have an even brighter emanation.

This emanation causes things to flow TO YOU!! Good things become magnetized to this emanation. Good people as well as physical items that bless your life.

We often tell you to "Shine On!" This is what we mean! Your emanations bless you and they bless others around you.

Offer up your sorrow and fears to Divine Source and this opens and expands your heart-space. This in turn allows your mind to center and focus in a positive and joyful way. With the mind at peace, the heart-space emanations are spectacular!

Shine On, Dear Ones! Shine On!

Cloud Watching / Perceiving

Cloud watching is great fun!

First thing about cloud watching is that it takes place when you take a minute to just be. Sometimes, I think clouds appear as interesting shapes to get our attention. This gives us a moment to cast our gaze away from the task at hand and into the expanse of the sky. When we observe the expanse of the sky, the little details of life gain perspective.

The second thing about cloud watching is that they move. What is here for this moment, shifts and moves and changes—effortlessly. We forget that life is fluid. We perceive it as hard and fast with strict deadlines to adhere to and important things to accomplish before the sun goes down. Watching the clouds grants us a moment’s breather from that mind set. As the clouds move effortlessly across the sky, we reunite with the concept of unseen forces moving to aid us in our journey. We rekindle the concept of shifting and the ability to modify our expectations.

The other thing about cloud watching is that clouds often bring us messages from Divine Source!!

How cool is that!?!

When dealing with something, (and aren’t we all?) You can ask for Divine Guidance and look at the clouds. You may notice a cloud forming into something that you recognize, like a beach ball or a doggie or something. You can then interpret the images into a message directly for you!!!

Once Phil and I were on our way home from Spokane and I was praying for the soldier that had been taken captive in China (years ago). As I prayed my prayer for this soldier’s safe return, I saw a cloud formation that looked just like a dragon spitting out a man who was running in the opposite direction. I felt peaceful about the situation. When we got home, it was on the news that night that the soldier had just been released about the time I saw that cloud!!

I’ve seen angels, kitties, row boats, anchors, sleeping babies, mountains, flowers . . . The list goes on!

What are YOU dealing with right now?

Clarify your issue: I’m struggling to find my passion. I’m working to hard. I’m unfocused. I don’t know how to move forward. I’m not sure what to do. I’m hoping for clearer communication in my relationships. I’m spun up. I’m worn out.

The clearer you can be, the clearer your message can be received.

Once you clearly identify your situation, then ask for Divine Guidance within the clouds. Then look up.

Either the first cloud you see will have information for you, or the clouds will shift and reform to bring you a new insight. Stay open to seeing whatever may appear. Even if it’s something silly. Your part is to just look. You can do that. Without judgment or expectation or fear, just look.

Once you perceive something—oh, that cloud looks like a ___________ (whatever), then you can ask for an interpretation of how it applies to your life. Sometimes I get these right away. Sometimes, it takes a bit of pondering.

I hope you take some time to do some cloud watching and watch your world open up!

Messages From The Ancient Ones 5-16-18

Look anew at the circumstances that distress you.

Look again at the perceptions that filter your world.

Take a fresh look at belief systems that direct your path.

We suggest this because it's possible to over look the truth as it becomes buried under oceans of doubt, fear, and judgment.

Dive deep within yourself while shining the spotlight of love on those unfathomable issues. You may think you are thinking "correctly" while your perceptions may be filtering out the things that could bring you more joy, prosperity, and fulfillment!

How does one dive deeply into the awareness? Choose to. Choose to be aware. The wonderful thing is that frustrations, aggravations, and sorrows often spring up to reveal where the disconnection exists. The very thing humans run from is the very thing that can bring them more awareness. Humans avoid pain and stress to their own detriment. Diving deeply into this discomfort yields new awarenesses and from that awareness - FREEDOM!

When an aggravation threatens to obstruct your progress, stop and take a look at it. That which is an aggravation is telling you that either you are no longer in alignment with the situation or that it's time to align into the situation. Aggravated at traffic? Align to the situation. People are confined to a limited space and are given directives to arrive at specific times. Each person in traffic has the same basic need - Freedom - which the circumstances forbid. One cannot drive at any old speed. One cannot drive off the roadway. One cannot crown another person out of the way by ramming.

Safety forbids these actions. Yet, humans, in their struggle for perceived dominance do these things! Whether you see these actions in others or you tend to do these things yourself, consider this. The circumstances are binding. Noticing the bindings allows you to journey without the need to struggle or be aggravated. When others struggle against their bindings, you can know that they feel bound up in many aspects of their life.

Freedom is a state of mind. A state of being. . . that exists beyond one's current circumstances.

We bring this freedom mind-set to you for your consideration. You can choose to feel aggravated while being in a binding situation or you can feel the freedom to consider the lillies of the field or jam out to your favorite tunes while you live within the bindings safety requires.

We hope you choose freedom. You will find us there.

Dust In The Wind

We slept with the window open last night. It was nice to have fresh air. Until the wind picked up. Literally, the wind picked up dirt from the torn up landscape and delivered it to every horizontal surface in my home.

We used to be able to sleep with windows open even with the wind. Well, that was before the construction behind our house and before we cut out a big chunk of grass in front of the deck (still in construction). Here in the Tri-Cities, we live in an area with fine dust – silt from the Missoula Ice Age Floods. This fine grit travels quite nicely on a bit of a breeze. And then ever so evenly falls upon clean surfaces.

Well, mostly clean. I dust about once a week. I wipe of counters three or four times a day sometimes . . . I tend to spill whatever it is that I’m cooking. This morning my wet rag was covered in dirt.

Isn’t that how it is with ourselves and our spiritual life?

We leave that window open just once and we have damage control to manage.

If I allow myself an opportunity to feel sorry for myself, or beat myself up about something, I’m cleaning up remnants of that “shame-blame dust” for days afterward. Just like the dust all over everything, “shame-blame dust” gets everywhere in our conscious and subconscious being.

Like a dry cloth just spreads dust around, getting mad at ourselves for our diligence slipping. Being irritated at ourselves just adds another layer of “shame-blame dust” over what we are trying to clear.

So, how do we clear that stuff?

First, I like to look at it in amazement. Wow! Look at how much crap is here! It can be almost funny. I was just fine a couple of days ago and then I doubted myself or I criticized myself because I could have done it better. Now the whole place is dusty! Dust is everywhere. All aspects of my life are gritty and unpleasant with negative thinking, followed by more judgment and negativity! It’s crazy! By noticing it in this way – “Wow! Look at that!” I shift out of judgment mode. Shifting out of judgment mode is the beginning of the shift and clearing.

Next, I pray about it. I tell ya, I cannot do this clearing stuff alone. Prayer is the part that allows the “dust” to stick to the cleaning cloth and be washed away. Even if it’s just noticing I haven’t been taking care of myself for optimum physical health. . . it’s vital to shift out of shame-blame in order to take the next step and I often cannot move out of shame-blame without Divine Intervention!

There is no wrong way to pray. Just open to Divine Source and speak from your heart.

Once I’ve prayed about it, I keep praying. Throughout the next day or so, I specifically recognize each and every time judgment (shame-blame) comes up and ask to be uplifted out of that. Each time I pray it gets easier.

As prayer continues, I begin to take some different steps. Maybe boredom was the cause of the previous slippage. How can I do it differently? If I’m not eating appropriately, what could I add to my meals that would wake them up. What could shake up and wake up my taste buds while blessing my physical body with nutrients necessary for good health? What joyful action could I take to ease the boredom of same-old-same-old? How can I bring fun back into my moments?

Once I start to do the little things a little differently, I start feeling much better and clearer.

Finally, I apply gratitude. This can be really challenging while I’m in-process of clearing. I find gratitude illusive when I’m covered in “shame-blame dust.” Yet, finding gratitude reinforces the positive energy and totally sweeps the last remnants of grit out of my awareness. I may not be able to find gratitude with a current situation, so I look for other things to focus my gratitude upon. I can allow feelings – deep feelings- of gratitude to emerge when I look at a flower or think about a kindness someone has done for me. Once I access the gratitude, then I can access the flow of gratitude that can wash over my whole being. Everything in my life becomes awash with gratitude. Colors brighten, relationships flourish, ideas and creativity ignite, energy magnifies, insight expands.

There is just so long that we can ignore the “shame-blame dust” before it becomes intolerable. Don’t wait! Life is so much more pleasant without grit. It takes a bit of effort, yet this effort seems effortless in comparison to the effort it takes to ignore the “shame-blame dust.” The space you can create beyond the grit grants you an amazing amount of energy and peace.

You deserve a clean slate!