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Doorway of Truth

Each new day holds a new opportunity. We can choose how we respond to the day as it unfolds. Except for those pesky habituated patterns.

I grew up in a household that allowed angry outbursts as an appropriate response to anything challenging. A misplaced item was met with an angry outburst. A chore left undone was met with a negative response. So, that’s what I thought life aught to look like. Whatever happens needs to be addressed with anger.

Well, you can imagine how well that worked for me.

One day (many years ago) I found myself getting ready to go out for the day. It can be kind of zen to curl one’s hair. Mine was long at the time, so it took quite a bit of time. As I was standing there allowing the heat of the curling iron to do its work, I found myself contemplating my reactions and how unfruitful and unpleasant they were. I pondered if there was a better way to be/live.

At that exact moment someone came in (not Phil) and exclaimed their displeasure at something happening in the world . . . that same angry outburst I was familiar with though it was about something that had nothing to do with me.

In that moment I had the choice to react as I always had, or to find a new way to react. Well, I didn’t have any other way to react in my toolbox as yet, so I just continued to do my hair while I mentally searched for a response.

Interesting thing happened. The other person stopped yelling and just walked away. Aha! Doing my own thing was a response and it gave me what I wanted – peace within myself. I didn’t have to correct the other person or address their anger. I could just allow them to be where they were and not get sucked into it.

That was a profound moment for me!


As I finished getting ready, I wondered how I could apply this to other situations. Like situations where I was being dressed down for something I had done or not done. Well, doing my own thing was not a solution when directly verbally addressed because that gave the other person ammunition to accuse me of ignoring them or being passive-aggressive.

So, what could I do! I loved that sense of inner calm and peace! I wanted more of that!

I discovered that truth is an open door to neutrality. Not beating someone up with my truth, but rather just calmly expressing where I was at. In that way, truth is neutral. Neither hurting the other person, nor diminishing me.

When hit with, “You didn’t do that right!” I could respond gently with my truth. “Hmmm. I thought that was how it was done.”

“You didn’t do that right!” It is soooooo easy to respond to anger with anger. “Well, who are you to tell me how to do that?!” Yet, because anger begets anger, when anger is applied, more anger happens. Vicious cycle emerges leading to frustration, tears, or worse.

Once I made the commitment to find my truth and speak it gently, the real work began. Once I got triggered, I could NOT THINK!! My mind went blank! They only thing I could think was the habituated negative responses!

So, I began to pack a few neutral truth responses into my conscious brain when I was in a state of calmness. Then when the negative attack happened (as was the habituated pattern with this person) I could call upon my list of neutral statements to disarm myself and reclaim my brain out of the abyss of habit.

“Well, I’m not sure how to respond to that.” (truth!)

“I don’t know what to say, here.” (truth!)

“Hmm. I’m going to think about what you are saying here.” (truth!)

“I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back in a minute.” (This one works great!!!)

“I don’t think I see this the same way you do.” (truth!)

No accusations. No defensive/hostile comments. No judgments on the other person. Just neutral truth.

Did that heal that relationship? No. Sadly. Yet, it brought me into a clearer state of mind to a place where I could see my truth and begin to walk in it. I could disengage from the habituated anger cycle that was so familiar.

Do I ever get angry? Yes. Yet, I can speak my truth much more easily. (Sometimes it’s still hard! Especially if the other person is angry and I feel myself get triggered.) Now, I can feel my brain shutting down and I know the importance of getting space between me and the situation.

Truth is an open door to emotional freedom. Truth is the gateway to clarity. Truth is the passageway into honor and self-respect. Truth is the portal to awareness. Truth is the access point to dignity.

May truth lead you into peace.

New Beginnings

Life is filled with new beginnings.

As childhood ends, we leave school and begin the next phase of our lives.

We may attend a new school and learn new things. We may move to a new city and begin to put down new roots. Perhaps our friends move away or our relationships shift and we begin again. Life happens and our health changes and we begin to take care of our physical form in a different way.

Yet, it’s not like starting over. We don’t have to re-learn the lessons of 2 + 2 = 4; or our ABC’s. We take the knowledge already learned into the next phase of our lives.

However, the lessons we take with us may not be the lessons Spirit asks of us. Hardship forced upon us in new beginnings may teach us to hold back or be less trusting. Does Spirit teach us that lesson? No, Spirit teaches us that not all people are worthy of our friendship. Spirit teaches us about forgiveness (detaching, clearing, releasing while retaining our self-worth) as a tool for peace and a shield for protection against further abuse.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could recognize the freeing lessons brought to us through Spirit and thereby releasing the restrictive and disheartening lessons brought to us by life?

Pain and hardship shuts us down and blocks us from moving forward. Spirit releases us and uplifts us into a new state of being. Even through painful experiences, Spirit speaks to us of love, gratitude, and the power of joy. Can we find it?

Go out into the garden and seek it there. Attend services and seek it there. Watch a sunset and seek it there. Ask for the willingness to see Spirit’s love, instruction, and guidance through the pain of hardship and sorrow.

Spirit’s loving embrace awaits.

Move through the current situation and into a new beginning with hope and open curiosity. We once were fearful when we left school – it was all we had known. With a new beginning, who knows what happens next? Just take a fresh breath and a new bright step into your true self.

Begin again.

Now begins again

Hope Transcends Transiting Feelings

Wind. Cold spring wind. Rain here and there, but mostly wind.

We live on a half an acre and this time of year begs for lots of clean up this time of year. Yet, that wind. That cold spring wind.

Phil can often brave the chill temperatures and get early weeding done. Yet, wind. Cold spring wind prevails. Even Phil has not been able to endure much of that wind.

Yet, we anticipate days turning warm and the wind giving way to easy breezes. We look forward to those days as we stand inside the house and look out the sliding glass door.

So, too, sometimes life brings us trials and struggles that seem to persist long beyond the time we feel we can endure. Those difficulties hang on while our endurance slips and we feel restless, helpless, and spent.

How do we hold on? How do we endure?

We remember the good days that we’ve had and we hold on to the hope of more good days.

Hope is the life-blood of joy. Without hope we lose sight of goals and dreams. Without hope we lose the strength to go on. Yet, hope is more than a memory. Memories feed hope for sure, yet there is more to hope.

Hope shines as a bright spark of possibilities. Hope simmers as a warm stew filled with nourishing meat and veggies. Not quite ready to eat, yet savory smells wafting through the house promising warmth, nourishment, and fulfillment.

What fills your hope stew? Goals and dreams? Friends and family? Activities and experiences? Creativity and productivity? Don’t know? (You might want to try a little of each of these to see what you prefer!) When we go through changes, we lose sight of our goals and dreams because things look differently - feel differently. We don’t know what we want anymore. When we go through changes, we shut down and lock out family and friends because we don’t know how to relate anymore. When we go through changes we stop trying new things because the old stuff no longer fits and the new stuff feels . . . well, odd. When we go through changes our creativity and productivity plummets because we feel useless and blah.

Hope cures this! Hope transcends our transiting feelings and stabilizes us into a new pattern. Even though the pattern may not yet be firmly established, Hope allows us to endure change.

Finding Hope may feel like a chore. With change, everything shifts and new capacity for Hope emerges. A new depth of Hope arises. Look deeper! The Hope you need exists deeper than any other Hope previously experienced.

Even as the cold spring wind blows outside and the warmth within tides us over until better days, so, too Hope warms our spirit and sustains us.

Go deeply within to find this new level of Hope. For within the depth of being, Divine Source resides, connects and nourishes. To assist this process, read spiritually uplifting articles, books or listen to positive meditations. Feed the part of you that nourishes Hope so that Hope can and will sustain you.

The cold spring wind stopped for a bit today. It was lovely. The warmth of the sun touched my face and the spring flowers brightened my soul. The wind picked back up again, yet I’m hopeful for a warm day to put my hands in the Earth and assist the flowers in their journey to full expression.

Hope sustains me even in the face of the cold spring wind. Hope uplifts me and brightens me into Joy. I smile as I watch the bright red, yellow, and pink tulips dancing in the wind. I am safe from the wind within the warmth of my home and the brightness of Hope.

May you find the Hope you need to endure any time of cold wind that might blow your way.

We are Family

Whether family by birth or family by choice, those closest relationships challenge us the most! They challenge us to speak our truth and they challenge us to listen.

Yet, the biggest challenge arises in listening to one’s own heart. The clutter of expectations and drama, might cloud the inner dialogue. Especially during times of stress.

How can we make everyone happy?

We cannot.

How can we make everyone understand us?

We cannot.

Rifts and barriers exist where we wish there were none. Yet, truth is, those rifts and barriers exist. Not because we aren’t good people, but because we are unique, different, and have our own opinions and preferences. We can only allow others to be where they are. And when they cannot allow us to be ourselves because of their judgments, we also get to be with that as well.

Yet, we desire for everyone to be happy and we want everyone to understand…

We may not be able to attain those desires.

I should be able to make it okay. I should be able to sit down, shut up and let others abuse me for the sake of family harmony.


There is no easy answer as each moment, each situation holds its own experience. Perhaps one moment we can be quiet and hold sacred ground for peace. The next moment we cannot allow compliance to overshadow the peace of our own truth that must be spoken.

We can only do our best to be our best self. If triggered by another’s judgment or opinion of us, we might lose our sacred ground and become reactive. Family has the unique ability to find our “Hot Buttons” and push them quite effectively! It takes time to disengage those “Hot Buttons” so they become non-reactive. How do we do that? We move into our sacred truth. Our sacred truth has no energetic charge. Sacred Truth has no need to react or change another person, their thoughts or their perceptions. Sacred Truth just IS.

Ask yourself, what is my truth? If family (or dear friends as close as family) judge or dismiss something you feel is important or significant, what is your truth? Not, “They shouldn’t judge me.” Or “My point of view is right and theirs is wrong.” But rather, what is your Sacred Truth. Perhaps family/friends are dismissing your desire to go back to school – projecting onto you

what they think you should do. . . your Sacred Truth might be . . . “Going to school feels right for me.”

Period. End of story. They get to have their opinion. You COULD be making a big mistake . . . or you COULD be doing exactly what is perfect for your next step. Time will tell. In the meantime, you are making a choice and taking action in your own best interest. Notice how the truth statement, “Going to school feels right for me,” holds no energetic charge. No need to do battle. No need to defend. Sacred Truth. Find your Sacred Truth in whatever situation and you will find strength and power.

Even so, if we do slip and become reactive, we can only do our best to apologize and make amends.

It’s time to find balance between the love of our family and the love of our own truth. When the path is unclear, we can only hope to listen to our heart of hearts rather than our triggered feelings.

May Love and Truth guide you into the richest blessings of kindness and a sense of belonging.

An Act of Faith

My sister-in-law, Cathy, is in hospice as her body wears down nearing its release on life.

It’s been difficult seeing her anguish in pain until the medication kicked in and even harder to see her struggle for each breath. It’s difficult to see her loved ones (including me) struggle with the realization of letting her go.

My brother asked me to write about our childhood years – we were kids together. They lived two houses down from us growing up. As I pondered those growing up years, my memory brought back some really fun times. It brought up childhood traumas as well.

As I held these things in my heart, I came to realize that there was a constant stream running through my life and through hers.


She went to a different church and I daresay she certainly did not believe the same today. Yet, Faith prevailed. An unyielding perception in a Loving presence that guided and supported us.

Certainly, we could get ourselves into our own brand of difficulty as my memory certainly brought to my attention. Yet, whether it was difficulty of our own making or difficulty brought to us by life, this current of Faith, carried us forward.

When we speak of water flowing, we use the word current. When we speak of being present, we use the word current, like current events. Events unfolding out of previous happenings. Water currents flowing from the headwaters to the ocean.

We sometimes feel the current of life or the current of life’s events might carry us away. Yet, there is a stronger current that carries us through. Faith. Rather than battling life’s currents, we flow into the current of Faith and float upon the waters of inner peace.

Not easy! We want to fight the stream! We want to kick against the flow! The key is to know when Faith urges us to fight for what we believe or when Faith asks us to surrender our will into the current of Love and Light. Sometimes we don’t know the difference until we’ve leaped over the waterfall or have been dragged beyond it. Yet, Faith holds its course in the process.

Faith grants us the strength to do the things we feel we cannot. Faith grants us the peace to stand up for what we believe in. Faith grants us courage to release our expectations and let go of our need to control circumstances.

Faith is a choice of will and a gift from God at the same time. Faith arrives when we are out of options. Faith abides when we cannot hang on. Faith builds as our trust ignites.

You know this. You live this.

And yet, doubt sits heavy upon our hearts. We doubt that there is enough Love and Light to help. We doubt that we are worthy of being lifted by Faith. We doubt that Faith can carry us through. Doubt is the mechanism by which we recognize Faith. Honor the doubt - Faith strengthens. Recognize the doubt - Love and Light renew their efforts to be experienced.

Whatever measure of Faith we have will be strengthened and supplemented. Faith carries us through.

So, as I await notification that Cathy has breathed her last, I have Faith that we will meet again. I have Faith that she will be carried gently over to the Other Side. I have Faith that my Creator is her Creator, too. I have Faith that soon she will rest in Creator’s arms where she will await my arrival.

Whatever challenge you might be facing, may Faith make its presence known to you. May Faith carry you through.

Living in the Outcome

Setting a goal or having a dream creates a spiritual energy field that opens us to “Creation Energy” – the energy of manifesting what the heart desires. When that which we desire eludes us, we feel disappointed and frustrated with the process, with God(Higher Power, Great Spirit, Universe, All That Is, Spirit - whatever that is for you) and with ourselves.

A fine line exists between holding onto expectations and holding onto our dreams. Expectations limit our dreams and hinder the Creation Energy available to us. Expectations tell or demand. Dreams open our awareness to all possibilities that fulfill our heart’s desires.

If I WANT a new job, then Spirit says, “Okay, you get to WANT that.” Creation Energy stops there. DESIRE for a fulfilling job lets me live in the outcome – feeling blessed and fulfilled. Creation Energy flows powerfully through the physical plane opening doors of opportunity for my fulfillment.

Living in the outcome allows Creation Energy to flow powerfully through our hearts and minds allowing us to open ourselves to fulfillment of our heart’s desire.

Your heart can rejoice right now for the opportunity that will present itself. Living in the outcome allows us to enjoy today to the fullest – even when we struggle with current circumstances. Living in the outcome gifts us with unlimited possibilities. Possibilities we might have never imagined possible!

By focusing upon a specific expectation, I limit Creation Energy in my behalf. By expecting a new job, Spirit cannot transform your current job. By expecting a new relationship, Spirit cannot transform you in the current relationship.

Expectations limit Creation Energy. Expectations yield disappointments. Living in the outcome generates the energy field that supports the new blessing we request. Doors to blessings open when we focus upon FEELING blessed, joyful, happy, loved, and fulfilled. Doors open in unexpected, surprising, and delightful ways.

What FEELING do you hope for? Live that feeling. That’s the activation point for Creation Energy. Begin Living In The Outcome – NOW!!


The little flowers and plants begin their journey to fulfill their destiny – they grow so they can bloom. Forsythia burst into bloom at the first hint of warm weather! Bright yellow flowers greet springtime and offer us a reminder that winter eventually loosens its icy grip.

The earliest flowers come from bulbs. Those tiny plants push their way to the surface of the cold ground to emerge with intent toward their ultimate purpose. The tender shoots press on past rocks and other obstacles toward the warming nature of the sun. Those plants send roots deep into the soil to support their long leaves, tall stems and bright blossoms.

In the fullness of their time, they bloom. We enjoy the bright yellows, deep purples and vivid reds they display with wild abandon!

Soon, other plants follow their lead. Buds form, leaves emerge and our world feels alive again.

Like the flowers, we each own a destiny, too. We plant roots, emerge, and grow. In the fullness of time we bloom and express the richness of Spirit within our being.

Take heed of the flowers, my friends.

Flowers cannot grow without the warmth of the sun. We require the Light of Love in order to flourish. Are we availing ourselves of it?

Plants root themselves deeply into the soil. Do we root ourselves in loving actions and joy of living?

Flowers don’t allow blocks and obstacles to stop them. They grow around them or through them! Does discouragement and worry obstruct our way?

All plants emerge from winter with new determination to fulfill their destiny. We too, emerge from winter with renewed intent to find spiritual expression in loving service, tender compassion and genuine love.

May your springtime be blessed so you can bless others with your bright expression of Divine Love

What About Love?

February focuses its attention upon Love.  Romantic love.  Get get all twitterpated about being in love.  And love is a wonderful thing!

Yet, love carries many aspects:  Loving someone enough to tell them your truth with kindness and gentleness; Loving someone enough to let them go – and its flip-side, loving ourselves enough to let that person go when necessary; Loving someone enough to stand strong when they falter; Loving ourselves enough to ask for help.

Love is complicated.  Because we complicate it.  Love translates into compassion and kindness with clear, safe boundaries.  If I am unclear in my boundaries, then I’m not really coming from a place of Love.  I’m coming from a place of manipulation hoping to make you do things my way.  If I’m telling you my truth with hostility and irritation in my voice, I’m not really coming from a place of Love, but a place of less-than.

Love, in its true form, becomes a sacred witness to the pain if the world without the need to tranquilize it, band-aide it, or hide from it.  Love finds a way through the pain and into being sacred ground for others to find their way.

But, that’s all airy-fairy . . . HOW does Love do that?!?

Love sees more than the pain being expressed.  Love sees through the pain being felt.  Love steps beyond the judgment of right and wrong and into compassion and “Ok, What now?”

Some of the most painful things Phil and I have had to endure in our service to The Divine Fellowship is people leaving.  People we considered friends.  People we trusted, honored and respected.  It’s sad every time.  It hurts every tie.  And yet, love allows them their journey.  Love allows them their perceptions.  Love keeps the doors open should the find their way back to us.  And Love seals the wound and binds it gently when the relationship is severed beyond repair.

Because Love is more than a feeling.  Love knows the truth that paths cross and paths disintegrate and it’s all for the best.  Some people need to slam a door shut with much shouting and hurt so they can have the strength to walk away.  Others utter not a sound but fade quietly into the past.  Love allows this journey to open, fold, unfold, close, reopen, renew, or cease.

We confuse Love with the feelings of friendship or partnership.  Certainly, Love enhances friendships and partnerships, yet Love stands above and within those experiences.  When all other physical and emotional constructs crumble, Love abides.

Whatever hardship your currently experience, bring Love into it.  Is there work for you to do to clarify a boundary?  Find your truth and speak it with clarity and grace.  “I’m willing to do this.” (then stop talking and stop doing more than you are willing to do.  Love grants your strength in this when you are clear.)  Are there words of kindness to be spoken?  Speak them.  Write them.  Whisper them.  Pray them.  Allows Love to do it beautiful work.  Are there acts of compassion to be expressed?  Do those.  do them with a willing heart and an open soul.

Love abides within you.  Love abides within every situation.  Love renews life and restores hope.  You fell the truth of this even thought Love is more than a feeling.  Love is the language Spirit whispers to our souls in each and every moment.

Listen to Love’s sweet voice and transcend into joy.  Abide in Love and Love abides in you.

Suicide’s Secret Message: A Treasure Map to Joy

I've been through the depths of despair and I've risen to joyfully doing what I love with my whole heart.  The journey hasn't always been easy.  Yet, the journey has been, without a doubt, blessed, joy-filled and amazing.

In this video, I will share with you my journey - but mostly the tools that got me through the rough spots.

Talking about someone taking one's own life is a challenging subject at best.  There are so many sides to the story.  So much pain.  Pain for the one considering it.  Pain for the loved ones left with heartache and an unquenchable grief.

Suicide is the 2nd highest cause of death for young people ages 10 - 24.  Yet, suicide holds an incredible message - if you can discover it.  This message brings you through the pain and into a bright joyful life.

You may feel that you are in the depths of despair or drifting in and out of a despairing state of being.  Get ready to see a way out. . . a lasting way out.

Maybe you feel like your life doesn't matter.  Find a new perspective and re-discover your sense of worth.

Perhaps you wish you could just end it.  Been there . . . nearly did that.  Learn how to put an end to that  pain - forever.

Maybe you've lost a loved one to suicide.  Acquire a new level of understanding a learn to live beyond the tragedy.  A new level of peace awaits you.

I've experienced the treasure you seek.  I know how to get there from here.  And, I have a map for you to follow.  The silly pirate's treasure map graphic isn't to make light of such a serious subject, but rather to acknowledge that the journey is tricky! not straight line of thinking will get you where you want to go.  An adventure awaits!  And in the journey, you'll find a lasting treasure.

Get ready to have your mind blown and your perceptions rocked.

May this bless you richly.

Janice Lynch

Check Out the Expo Seminars!

We, at The Divine Fellowship, as sponsors of the Healing Light Expo, hope you enjoy these Seminars from our Vendors and some of our members.  We uphold Joy, Enlightenment and Spiritual Sanctuary.  We want you to have fun, learn something, and feel safe with us!  See you at the Expo!

Please notice the previous post with the Seminar Schedule.  Here is a brief description of the Seminars being presented:


Oneness Blessing - presented by Sandra and William Kettle Saturday 10:00 am; 4:00pm; and Sunday 3pm Seminar Room A:  The Oneness Blessing quiets the mind to allow us to connect to the Oneness that we are, so we may experience Oneness with all Creation and the Divine Presence.  It brings a shift in perception and the realization that the sense of a separate self is an illusion.  For more info you may wish to visit

Let Your Divine Self Shine: Two Essential Choices - presented by Sandy Lange Saturday at 11:00 am.  Seminar Room A:  Sandy will detail two vital choices that enhance self-compassion and affirms the Truth of your Divine Nature.

Palmistry: Ancient Secrets for Today - presented by Shannon Mobley Saturday 11:00 am Seminar Room B;  Palmistry is one of the few methods of divination that doesn't require many tools.  For the beginner, Shannon gives you q quick explanation of Palmistry.  For the intermediate and advanced practitioners, she offers a few new tricks to add to your already existing tool box.  Come chat about one of the most intimate of the divination modalities.​

Maitreya - World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius - presented by Share International, Saturday at noon, Seminar Room A;​  Maitreya is a very highly evolved being who has taken on adult physical form in July 1977.  He is here to teach humanity how it can eliminate the scourges of starvation, poverty, terrorism, war and environmental degradation.  With His guidance, it is expected that men and women of goodwill will be inspired to create a brilliant new civilization of justice and peace.  It is also expected that he will remin inHis present physical form throughout the roughly next 2500 years that comprise the Age of Aquarius.

Sacred Healing Crystals - presented by Beth Clark, Noon, Seminar room B​:  In this class you'll receive your own healing crystal and discover its sacred message for you.  We will explore ways you can use the ancient practice of crystal healing to gain greater self-knowledge and to improve all aspects of your life.  There will be a guided exercise and a special crystal reading!

Chinese Qigong:  Healing Yourself - Healing Others - presented by Mary Ann McDonald Saturday 1:00pm Seminar Room A;​ Qigong is an exercise and energetic healing practice that has been exported around the world from China.  The verson Mary Ann practices and teaches is called Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) and was developed by international Qigong Master Chunyi Lin, who focuses his practice on teaching us to heal ourselves and to help heal others.  During the Seminar, Mary Ann will provide highlights about SFQ and guide participants through parts of a brand new active exercise routine, "5 Elements of Healing Movement:  Unlocking Your Healing Intelligence."  These exercises are gentle and incorporate holding values of happiness, joy, grounded, peace, contentment, thankfulness, and gratitude into the movements.

What is Rapid Eye Technology - presented by Amber Mitchell Saturday 1:00pm, Seminar Room B; Rapid Eye Technology or RET is a natural, safe way to release stress and trauma.  RET simulates REM sleep, your body's own natural release system.  This powerful, quick release happens without reliving the trauma or perceived trauma of past events.  Accessing the whole min/body system while in an awake state allows YOU control of your own journey to healing.

Auras - More than Just Color - presented by Valerie Schmitt, Saturday at 2:00pm, Seminar Room A; Have you ever wondered about the energy that surrounds you?  Have you ever been told what color your aura is?  ARe you stuck and going nowhere in your life?  Valerie Schmitt will not only show you what your aura color is, but how the health and vitality of your chakras as well to assist you in moving forward in your life.

Essential Oils of The Bible - presented by Lynn Spicer, Saturday 2:00 pm, Seminar Room B: Essential Oils have been around and used for centuries. Lynn will present the essential oils that were present and mention int he Bible and discuss their purpose during the times of Jesus, and how they can be powerful still today.

Ignighting the Light - The Fire of the Soul - presented by Dan McDonald, Saturday, 3:00pm, Seminar Room A; We all have an inner light.  We may believe ours is not bright enough, perhaps burnt out, or in some way non-functional.  Have faith - the light is there, just waiting to brighten our path.  Come join in and let's rekindle the light of our souls!  Bet us burn bright!

Visit with the Other Side - Presented by the Mediumship Panel Saturday 3:00 pm Seminar Room B;  Valerie Schmitt, Lynn Spicer, Shannon Mobley, Kelley Frankenfield, and Sharon Steele tune in to the Other Side.  The create a connection to our loved ones that have crossed over.  They will communicate with as many as possible inthe limited time frame.  Ask your loved ones to meet you there and be open to this communication.  The Mediumship Panel will connect based upon their own life experiences, so release expectations and allow this sweet connection to happen for a deep blessing.


The Divine Fellowship Church Services - Presented by Janice and Phil Lynch, Sunday morning at 10:00 Seminar Rooms A & B.  Free entrance to Expo for all those attending services.  Services include a spiritual process for receiving Divine Guidance and a Guided Mediation.  If you like the Expo, you will LOVE us!

Pain Release Now - Your Energy Healing Toolkit - presented by Crystal Willingham, Sunday 11:00 am, Seminar Rooms A & B.  5 simple tools to help you identify and overcome blocks to Whole Life Wellness.  Get rid of counterproductive habits once and for all!  Achieve a peaceful state of mind.  Get freedom from emotional anchors that hold you down.  Finally, understand how perfectly your are made and achieve personal success and create harmony in all areas of your life with help! 

The Sound of Healing - Healing with Sound - presented by Rainier Michaelis; Sunday noon, Seminar Rooms A & B; The vibration of sound changes our body, our body's energy and our state of being.  Hear and feel the healing energy.

Four Elements in Astrology - presented by Sarrah West Sunday 1:00pm Seminar Rooms A & B; Every astrological sign has one element attributed to its nature.  Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.  This lecture will be a discussion on understanding each element across the zodiac from Aries to Pisces.  We'll be exploring how signs of a similar element are complimentary and discover what is unique as well.  A class for exploring the roots of the cosmic order of our zodiac that is evident in nature.  Come join the cosmic fun!

Ramp Up Your Intuition - presented by Janice Lynch, Sunday 2:00 pm - Seminar Rooms A & B; We all embrace intuitive abilities.  Yes, we inadvertently impair our abilities by discounting, doubting or ignoring . .  or we miss an intuitive insight altogether.  We've all said, "I knew that!  Why didn't I pay attention!?!"  Learn some way-cool and way-fun techniques to ramp up the intuition.  Learn to fine-tune and turn it up.  Ramp Up Your Intuition!