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In the silence

One dark morning early in December, I crept out of bed and slipped into a warm shower. Not yet very awake, I effortlessly slipped into an altered state and found myself still and impossibly silent. Not empty, I noticed, just incredibly silent.

All day, I considered that silence. Though I felt connected to and a part of the ‘dead of winter' outside my house, I did not feel separate, alone, lonely, or in any way disconnected from my life, my work, my friends, or my family. Still, silent, yet full. I was in total awe.

Then as if on ‘repeat’, I awoke on another morning to a very unexpected blanket of snow outside! More snow than I’ve seen in my seven years in the Tri-Cities. I ran out to my front porch and just gazed in amazement while at the same time I ‘felt’ the silence of it. It was deep, and it was restful. Although I had just awakened and crawled out of bed, I embraced the additional rest because it transcended my physical body.

I could feel it in my soul; like old man winter was pulling me in to a secret and forgotten place. The coolness. The calm. The gentleness. The quiet. The hush. The tranquility. The soothing quality of the stillness around me. As you read these words, is it sinking into you like I experienced it on that morning? How odd the word ‘silence’ evokes yet reveals nothing of this magical and mystical domain.

I’d never given silence much thought though I have embraced it, craved it, and welcomed it at times in my life. The dictionary defines silence as “complete absence” of sound. I read that and my gut said “nope”! And it dawned on me, silence is not an absence of anything. We all just need different “ears” to “hear” what is waiting in the silence to be discovered. Maybe it’s not a word or a concept but a feeling that needs to be assimilated, experienced, and embraced to fully recognize the hidden magic and power of it.

Meditators speak of the calm and balance they find in the silence of their meditations. Step outside at 3 a.m. and experience the dark as it settles on your senses. And think of all the ‘other worlds’ we at the Divine Fellowship visit every Sunday during the guided meditations. We close our eyes, shut out the ‘real’ world, and are led to babbling brooks, vast meadows, lush forests, and majestic mountains.

Psalms 46:10 beseeches us to “Be still, and know that I am God…” We can find God in the silence. What greater reason to seek out silence?

The winter months can be cold, messy, and inconvenient but they also offer us a respite and a recess from the activities and busyness that often consume our lives. This activity can be disruptive to our well-being if we are so busy that we don’t take time to rest. As trees, flowers, and shrubs wait patiently in the silence below the frozen ground to work their way up and out to bloom, renewed in the spring, our own winter respite offers the same promise of personal renewal.

Consider making that journey within to experience the recharging and regeneration that an interlude with the silence promises.

Marvel at the magic contained within it.

Soak your soul in the stillness.

Have a cup of tea with the tranquility.

House the hush for an hour here or there.

Wonder at the wonder.

BE the silence.

Resist the temptation to wax unhappy about the cold weather, the snow, and bad drivers, and consider instead the gifts waiting in the silence to be discerned and explored. Feel the complete fullness of the silence.

Visit the other worlds concealed there, and be in awe.

by Ginny Jenkins

A Visionary Journey of A Droplet

Recently, I had a lengthy vision.  It lasted almost 2 hours.  I had been sound asleep and was awakened at 11:20 by . . . well, whatever.  This vision played out in my head and was narrated by Spirit.  The voice was calming and yet powerful - sweet and yet curious.  When I looked at the clock again, it was 1:15.  Of course, I was so excited by the vision that I thought I'd never get back to sleep - Spirit took care of that, too and I was back to sleep in moments.

I shared this visionary experience with The Divine Fellowship and will share the video here.  What I want you to know is that this visionary journey may be really powerful for you.  This time of year, we get caught up in hustle and bustle of the season.  The weather can be unpredictable at best and down right nasty at worst.  It's easy to view things from a negative perspective . . . things we could have done, should have done, liked to do but cannot do at this time, what we hoped from others that didn't happen, and when what we experienced didn't line up with our hopes.  All of these things can weigh upon our hearts.

I hope you take a few minutes and take in the video.  The first part of the video is our regular church silliness/jokes and laughter.  When we take the time to laugh, we reset our energy fields and recenter into our heartspace.  Laughter takes us there, so I hope you take a few moments to enjoy that as well.

As you follow the Visionary Journey of A Droplet, I hope you allow yourself to feel the journey.  Allow yourself to feel the presence of Spirit here.  You may notice that when I'm sharing the vision, my progression of thought and choice of words come easily.  When I'm just talking, I stumble for words.  Spirit is here in this journey.  

May this bless you as much as it blessed me. 

After you finish this video, you may wish to visit the Divine Fellowship YouTube page and take the guided meditation "To the Grotto"

The Power of Open-Hearted Prayers

​"Please!  Please God!  Make this situation different!  I don't like it!!"

We pray this "Prayer of Last Resort" when we've tried everything else and we don't like what's happening and we want someone to fix our world.

Certainly, Divine Source hears and responds to these prayers.

Yet, an "Open-Hearted Prayer"​ doesn't wait until a crisis point, but rather uses prayer as an ongoing form of communication.

An "Open-Hearted Prayer" moves into a positive state of being rather than fear and trauma.  This type of prayer allows us to consider the positive outcome rather than merely attempting to dismiss an undesired outcome.

I've been asked to share a few of the "Open-Hearted Prayers" I shared last week in The Divine Fellowship​ services.  I hope they bless you and assist you in your journey.  How you wish to address the prayer is up to you.  How you wish to close the prayer also rests within your comfort zone.  Don't know?  I recommend beginning with - Loving Spirit of Light and closing with - And so it is.  (I'm a Jesus fan, so I open with "Loving Father" and end with "In the Name of Jesus.")

We kinda get stuck in the "Prayer of Last Resort" because we perceive that Divine Source rations out favors only if we beg hard enough or whine long enough.  So not true!!  

Divine Source awaits our requests with a genuine desire to assist and help us.  Yet that same desire to assist us respects our desire to do it on our own if we choose that.  This respectful distance isn't because Divine Source DOESN'T CARE . . . but because we are CARED FOR WITH ULTIMATE RESPECT!  

We often don't feel heard, yet we are the one's not listening.  Gentle nudges come to assist us and guide us along the way.  Utilizing the "Open-Hearted Prayer" technique allow us to be in the receiving mode.​  WE not only receive those nudges, we act upon them because we aren't shut down in trauma.  Here are a few for you to try.

Open-Hearted  Prayer for a Relationship:

Create within me an open heart to see things from a Divine Perspective.  Open doors of communication and understanding - if possible.  Bring acceptance into my heart.  Grant me wisdom to stand on Holy Ground.

(Note:  This prayer recognizes the power of free will of our partner/beloved.  It also aligns us with the potential to see not only someone else's view point, but  another viewpoint​ - a Divine viewpoint.  It also creates a space for acceptance of one's self and for the other person - stepping away from judgment and expectations of how it "should" be.  If gifts us with the ability to wisely have clear boundaries that are based in truth, not just in our expectations.)

​Open-Hearted Prayer for Health:

Thank You for the Health I have.  Bless my body and its capacity to heal itself.  Bring to my awareness new methods, procedures and possibilities to assist my healing.  Help me to do what my body, mind and spirit need in order to heal and be healthy.​

(Note:  This prayer reminds us that we are still alive and have a measure of health.  It may not be what we want, yet we have a measure of health for which we may have gratitude.​  This reminds us that the body holds an amazing ability to heal.  It helps us keep an open awareness for opportunities to try new things.  Sometimes our bodies need rest, yet we push on and then bemoan our illness or physical weakness.  This prayer reminds us of our part.  It also reminds us that our sub-conscious and our spirit  communicate to us through our physical form and gives us permission to pay attention and heal on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Open-Hearted Prayer for Finances/Career:

May the labor of my hands bring me abundance, joy and fulfillment.  ​Grant me worthy work and honorable pay to support myself and my dreams.

(Note:  Short and sweet, this prayer recognizes our efforts as the fulfillment of our destiny - our spiritual purpose.  And so it is.)

An Open-Hearted Prayer for Overcoming Discouragement:

Shine your Divine Light into my soul, my mind, and my emotions.  Illuminate this darkness I feel.  Grant me the ability to see my true destiny.  Bring fresh awareness and insight to reveal the truth of my sacred path.

(Note:  The darkness that looms over us blinds us to our value.  We believe the lie that we are not good enough.  This Divine illumination shows us a different view.  The very thing that may have us feeling unworthy may be the key to our success.  When I tried to be what I thought everyone else wanted me to be, I failed miserably.  When I began to awaken to my true self, everyone else liked me better, too!  That which is creating your discouragement may be the very thing you came to change.  My husband, Phil, used to get so upset with "stupid people" until he realized that his destiny was to assist others so that they could make informed decisions.  I used to get discouraged because I thought my religion condemned psychics until I realized that I came to clear that misconception out of the way.  What's got you discouraged?  Look at the true essence of that discouragement with the light of this prayer.  You will see a door open for you!)

As you've noticed with these notes and comments that what we think to ourselves influences how we pray and whether or not we can move into an Open-Hearted state of being.  I recently presented a message at the Divine Fellowship entitled:  Betrayal, Patterns of Thought and Prayer. (You Tube; thedivinefellowship 9/18/16)  (I'm going to attempt to post a link at this point.

Betrayal, Patterns of Thought, and Prayer

Followers of “The Way”

I don't know about you, bit I get pretty dismayed at all the things that are said and done by those who claim to be "Christian."  Bigotry, hatred, holier-than-thou attitudes to name a few.  This is not to discredit the many great things that have been done in the name of Jesus, yet, with so much baggage laid on from religions along with the behavior of many of their members, I;m sufficiently embarrassed to align myself with all of that.

The people who followed Jesus - the very first ones who knew Him personally and heard Him personally, were called Followers of The Way.  I would love to get back to that purity of faith.  As a result, I've created a study of the Bible entitled, "Followers of The Way"  You might like it!  How it came to be came from a vision.  It happened like this.

I was sitting in bed with a cup of hot coffee.  I was staring out the window at the big oak trees behind our house.  I could hear Phil's pond gurgling in the background.  {When I sit and stare like that with the pond sound, I call it . . . "pond"ering)  I was pondering.  Not sure there was anything particular I was pondering, just letting the flow of consciousness bring insights to me.  

All of a  sudden, I couldn't see the trees anymore.  I couldn't tast the coffee or hear the pond.  Instead I was standing in a huge teepee.

Well, that totally freaked me out and I was instantly aware of the trees, the coffee and the pond again.

What just happened?!  What was that?!

Resuming my pondering, I flashed on that "other" scene again.  Freaking myself out once more, I snapped back into present time.  "Well, If I want to know what this is, I guess I get to allow it to happen," I told myself.  So, I did.

Instantly, I was int he teepee again.  It was huge.  The flap was open and I could see people walking around outside - or maybe I just sensed them.  It was hard to determine what was what.  I saw a man standing near the opening.  He was an older man dressed in chief's regalia complete with eagle feathers.

He indicated his name was Eagle Grandfather.  He had smiling eyes, like he knew a secret.

He had an open Bible in his hands.  He spoke.  His voice was resonant, kind, and strong all at the same time.  He said, "When you read this with eyes of darkness, you see darkness."  He looked down at the Bible and his eyes became dark and the book became dark and very heavy.

He looked up at me and said, "When you read this with the eyes of Light, you see Light."  His eyes began to glow brightly and he looked down at the book again.  This time the words began to glow.  The words flowed over the page, and through the air, onto my arm and into my heart.  My heart began to glow.

Eagle Grandfather smiled at me with that twinkle in his eyes again.

Instantly, I was back in my bed, staring at the trees, hearing the pond gurgling and holding my coffee.   It seemed only like a few moments, but my once-hot coffee was stone-cold.

Now, I've always enjoyed studying the Bible.  Sounds crazy, I know.  I like to look up words like hope and then read every Bible passage that talks about hope and really know what the Bible says about that subject.  I don't consider myself an expert by any means.  Just a curious student.

I enjoy those old Bible stories and love that God lifts up failures and weaklings to do great things. 

This vision changed everything.  Well, not everything - buy how I looked at everything.  I began to look at the Bible with "Eyes of Light" in an attempt to look beyond the dogma religions offer and really see what is there.

I found a Divine Source (God, Higher Power, All that Is, etc.) full of Love and Compassion wanting to connect with us on a higher level than we've known before offering insights for day-to-day life and stunning new ways of looking at those old sacred stories.

The class, Followers of The Way, makes it possible for me to share these discoveries with you!  I've been told that this class blesses and fills the soul.  I hear from participants, "I knew that, I just didn't know I knew that!"  I also hear, "I get it.  I finally get it.  It makes sense now."

Okay, so Bible study in the past probably wasn't much fun.  This stuff I share is way fun!  We will also have a guided meditation with each class.

I hope you will join me on the First Thursdays of each month starting October 6th at 6:30 pm 'till about 8pm at The Divine Fellowship, 513 Barth, Richland, Wa.  (Free, tho don't be surprised if we pass the basket.)​

If you are looking for an enriched faith, a more positive faith to guide you, or if you are taking a new look at faith,​ this might be the class for you.  Hope to see you there.

Love, Light, and Laughter,

Janice Lynch​

Sacred Energy

A lot of research has been done in recent years about the power of belonging.  When we belong to a group or organization, we live longer and live healthier lives.  

Why is that true?

Partially because we get out of our own way and have deep connections and add meaning to our lives.  Also, those deep connections happen on an energetic level.​  We we connect energetically, we harmonize.  

The cells in our body harmonize. Our intent harmonizes and blends with the intent of others.  Remember when we do drumming?  Each drum has its own voice, its own sound.  And yet when played with other drums, it blends and becomes part of the One Voice.  When we do the "round robin" and each drum plays by itself, we can not only hear its singular voice, but other drums will vibrate and resonate to its voice.  Each of those other drums, when played, do not sound exactly like the first drum, yet, their tones harmonize - vibrate together.

Remember when we do drumming?  Each drum has its own voice, its own sound.  And yet when played with other drums, it blends and becomes part of the One Voice.  When we do the "round robin" and each drum plays by itself, we can not only hear its singular voice, but other drums will vibrate and resonate to its voice.  Each of those other drums, when played, do not sound exactly like the first drum, yet, their tones harmonize - vibrate together.

So, too we resonate with others of like mind.  This harmony is a good thing when the group intent is for kindness and love.

Most people who walk into the sanctuary of The Divine Fellowship say they immediately feel the energy of the place and it feels like HOME.   We hear it over and over.  That energy of HOME has been instilled into that physical space by the energetic harmony we create when we are there.  We all believe different things, yet we can harmonize with one another.  We all have different perceptions of Spirit and Divine Source, yet we choose to harmonize and blend with one another without giving up our own personal preferences for faith.

Once this energy was established, we protected it with small bowls of​ stones and crystals to hold the energy.  The space maintains the energy even if we are not there.  This energy is connected to Source/Divine Energy and maintains itself.   When we do come together for a class or a service, the energy ramps up from there.  

People can be having a really rough time physically, financially, mentally, emotionally or spiritually​ . . . walk into the church and begin to feel better.  It doesn't take energy from anyone as the energy is already connected to Source and cannot be depleted!  This Sacred Energy is totally a renewable energy!  

Sacred Energy offers a basis for our energy to harmonize into.  Pain diminishes, frustrations decrease, joy unfolds.  It's the natural energy we have a right to enjoy.  We just forget.  The worries of the world, the stresses of expectations knock our vibrations out of this Sacred Energy vibration and into a physical world / survival energy.  Life is more than merely surviving!  We become so racked up about stuff that we forget that some of the poorest countries with the fewest things are far happier than we are!  They share.  They laugh.  They love.  They enjoy a community of Sacred Energy.

Phil and I have taken a couple of weeks to decompress from life and have a stay-cation to work in the yard, paint pictures, do some writing, (actually, he works on his VW electric bug and I paint and write​), read some books and articles, watch the stars emerge, and generally just "be".  We truly miss the Sacred Energy of The Divine Fellowship.  It's not my energy or Phil's energy, but it's own unique Sacred Energy that revitalizes us from the inside out.  We are really looking forward to coming back to "work" - back into that shared harmonic of Love and Light.

I don't know how others can stay away for months or years at a time.  It just doesn't work for me.  That harmonic community of Sacred Energy empowers my life.  I hope you get a chance to enjoy this Sacred Energy, too.  My soul looks forward to seeing you there!

Many Blessings, Janice

By the way . . . if you enjoyed this article about Sacred Energy, you might really like my recent article Restoring "Blown Out" Energy I just posted in  

(My hope is to take you directly to the blog/article.  If this link doesn't work, please type the website into your browser.  I think you are not only going to enjoy the article, but find some really helpful tools.)  Be blessed, Dear One!

Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

Love changes things. A few years ago, the neighbor’s son parked a big, white, sun-reflecting travel trailer in their back yard which put it directly in my line of sight as I walked out my back door. Since I spend a lot of “pondering/prayer” time on my deck, it was a terrible eye sore and a huge glaring distraction.

My first response was to curse it and get all full of blame, frustration and irritation. (Ok. First, second and third response!) Eventually I became . . . a little more compassionate. I’ve been homeless myself and living at my mom & dad’s house. So I began to bless the travel trailer every time I saw it. I blessed the man who was going through a divorce and his family. I blessed the heck out of that situation. It took about a year and a half and he was gone . . . new life, new job, new marriage, new start.

I also noticed the trees planted between the trailer and our house. The one directly in the line of sight and blessing was substantially bigger than the other two trees on either side of it. Even the plants received the blessings and thrived!

Yet, sometimes we hope for the best, offer blessings and kindness, and things still remain a hardship or heartbreaking.

These are times for us to turn the love inward and love ourselves enough. Loving ourselves so we take care of ourselves. Just because the love we send does not yield the results we want doesn’t mean love isn’t working. Our wants may not be in alignment with our Divine destiny or our soul’s purpose or someone else’s destiny/purpose.

The trick is to know what self-care really looks like. Sometimes we feel like it means self-indulgence or becoming embittered or resentful. Love, however, finds a way to uplift and carry us through life’s challenges (i.e. setting clear boundaries, speaking our truth in love, eating right, etc.)

Sometimes we don’t have self-love during heartbreak or hardship. A loving tribe or community reminds us who we really are and allows us to reclaim our own sacred path. (No one will try to “fix” you.)

Dan McDonald once said, “The Divine Fellowship offers a safe place to be unsafe, as the heart and soul unravel and then re-knit themselves in a better way.”

When our own love isn’t enough, connect in with the Love that we share here at The Divine Fellowship. Be blessed and thrive.

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