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Messages From The Ancient Ones – Shifting to Sacred Ground

You are more powerful than you know. You can change your mind and with it your intent. You can have a change of heart and with it a shift in consciousness.

These changes create ripples of change throughout the Universe. You may not feel the impact of one little change, and yet it is the beginning of a huge shift in consciousness.

Our concern for you is that you tend to stay stuck when you'd rather move forward. Those old patterns, once established, hold an anchor of energy. This is a good thing! This keeps you stable as you grow and learn.

However, when the time comes to lift anchor and set sail, the will gets caught in same-ness hypnosis. Today bleeds into tomorrow and soon many tomorrows flow by. This is not getting into the flow we speak of! This is the standing still while the journey flows around you. We prefer you step into the flow and allow the flow to carry you to a new perspective - a new point of view - a new existence.

As you move into a new level of awareness, you expand that awareness and you set a new vibration into motion in the physical plane and in the Etherial Realms.

When you bring your sacred awareness into the process, everything shifts into a sacred energy. There are many things in your awareness right now that are not sacred. Bring a new sacred awareness into and onto that experience and things shift toward the greater good.

This frees you to be more authentic and more at ease in your own world.

Welcome this new world and move freely into this new level of flow. Life uplifts you more and you awaken more deeply into the truth of who you really are.

We uplift you as you find footing in this new level of awareness. Greater power awaits you.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Time and Possibilities

Where you are and where you want to be exist simultaneously in time. How you are and how you want to be also exist simultaneously in time.

Because you don't know what you want, variations of your possible intentions exist simultaneously in time. The variety in no way lessens the possibility of the outcome. Any outcome has the same energetic possibility held in a space in time.

You get to choose based upon your trajectory from here. What you've already decided about yourself and your journey aligns you with a distinct possibility for your future. The choices you make right now, the shifts you make right now, the gratitude you express right now . . . these things impact the future that unfolds for you.

Whatever you choose for yourself merely reflects the lessons and the challenges your soul requires for now. No shame or blame or fear of the outcome. Just know that choice of attitude and attention along with gratitude and grace guides the flow from one moment to the next.

Choose gratitude and choose love first. Everything else will fall into place. Your first gratitude might be being grateful that you have the right to choose.

We are grateful for you and your bright spirit of free-will that allows you so many bright futures!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Wisdom in the Process of Discovery

You crave assurance that you are right or that you are on the right path. This assurance can only come from the journey itself!

You may feel insecure about your journey, and yet the journey itself teaches you. The process of discovery happens when you allow yourself the process of discovery.

Wisdom comes from life experiences and from willingness to welcome every step along the way. Even when life feels uncomfortable, there is great learning happening! Learn and move on. Staying stuck in the suffering is optional. The moving on allows you the journey on your sacred path.

If there is suffering, you might be learning the incorrect lesson. You might be attempting to exert your will over that which is not your part to do. You cannot change another person or change the laws of Universe. However, within those laws of Universe abide the power to change one's self for a greater good.

There abides great wisdom in living in the here and now . . . living in the present and The Presence. This is not existing, but rather living with awareness and attention. Without awareness and attention; mindfulness and observation, resistance and ego gets a foothold. These attributes block the angelic assistance that is offered and the love and peace that abides within the soul.

Open your eyes, your heart, your soul and walk the path with trust and gratitude - the wellsprings of blessings flow to you in this state of being.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Clearing Energetic Constructs

As you approach today's activities, notice your state of being. Is your mind rushed? Is your body tired? Are your emotions running high? These states of being do not assist you. They are byproducts of stress and daily life that bleed from one activity to another.

Before beginning a new activity, find ways to get clear. Yes, we know that you attempt to do many things at once . . . yet, in reality only one task occupies your awareness at a time.

Get clear by taking a few deep breaths. Say to yourself, "This is now." Shift your visual focus to a faraway object and then return to the task at hand. Each of these things shifts the energy fields to support you in your next task.

Without this shift it is as if you drag the energetic structure of one task with you into the next. That can be exhausting claiming and carrying unnecessary energetic constructs with you. Shifting focus only takes a moment, but can make a huge difference in your day and in your actions.

Let's say you are washing dishes and need to shift to driving your car. The energy construct of water registers in your energy field while you are washing dishes. You are not aware of it, yet it exists in the etherial realms to assist you in your task. The dishes themselves hold energetic structure. Especially if they were gifted to you by your grandmother or if there is a chip that bothers you. That energetic construct supports your dishwashing efforts by supporting you. However, once you get into your vehicle and begin to drive, your dishwashing constructs no longer serve. They clutter.

Take just a moment to clear and shift between activities and you'll find you have more energy and ease of accomplishing the task at hand.

Side benefit becomes a clearer mind, calmer soul, and a brighter intent.

Notice now and see what energy constructs that are not in use might be still engaged in your energy field. Sweep and clear or speak and clear. This simplifies and energizes everything you do.

You are welcome.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – A New You

A new day is dawning for you.

Not just a new physical day with the sun rising in the sky, but a new dawning of awareness with your insight expanding in the sky of your mind.

You are evolving. Even the cells in your body do not remain the same and your energetic self evolves as well. With each new level of awareness, a new energy is deposited down into your DNA - transforming you. Your responses to life will not be the same. Your feelings will harmonize with abundance and joy. Your strengths will strengthen and your weaknesses will fade.

You already have invested the effort, now allow this change to take place. Grudges, past hurts, and old sorrows coupled with regrets lock you into your previous self. Your suffering self.

You are ready to move beyond suffering. Challenges in life will happen - that is the way of living. Yet, you will not suffer as a result. There will be an uplifting and a cherishing that will bless you and carry you through any discomfort.

This allows you to rise above the old and shift into the new. The new you is expansive. The new you is loving with clear, safe boundaries. The new you is blessed and is a blessing. The new you is here.

Welcome the new you now. The new you holds an amazing future before you.

We await you there.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Journey Unfolds

Your journey unfolds before you.

Do you see it?

Or do you notice the struggle and strife that is life? Life happens while you are on your journey - it is not the journey itself. The journey unfolds as you awaken.

Bringing yourself into the here and now opens the door to this awakened journey. You will still be doing life all the while you are awakening and experiencing your awakened journey. Yet life will feel different. Life will be blessed.

Moving into the here and now with an awareness of the expanse of eternity opens you to the "More" that is available now. This awareness grants you serenity - that peace and calm that comes from knowing. You may not know the outcome of your actions, but you will know which actions bless your self and others. Do those things.

In the act of doing, you also become aware of being. Being whole. Being free. Being blessed. Being open. Being connected. Being love and loved.

From this place, give thanks to all who enter your life as a blessing and a lesson. Sometimes the blessing/lesson feels painful. Sometimes, it feels supportive and loving. Either way, the people you encounter contribute to your spiritual growth. Bless them and move along on your journey.

In the same way, you may be a blessing/lesson to another. They may not enjoy an encounter with you! Bless them and move along on your journey. Cause no harm, yet stand sacred ground in all things.

Sow the seeds of love and light and great abundance shall be gifted to you.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Surrender into Great Joy

There is great joy in the world. Also, great sadness. Which do you feel? One level of your perceptions allows you to notice the great suffering so that you may be a piece of the healing puzzle. Another level of your perceptions allows you to notice the great joy so that you may heal yourself.

Both perceptions have value, yet getting lost in the perception of pain weakens your spirit. It is only from the place of great joy that one can venture into the great sadness and not be diminished by it.

Surrender into the great joy. This allows you to fall into the Divine arms of Love for support and sustenance. Awaken to the great joy and this allows you to hear your inner calling. Listen to the great joy and this allows you to sense your spiritual connections to all things. Dance in this great joy and you find your true family.

From this place of great joy and receiving support and sustenance, hearing your inner calling, sensing your spiritual connections and your true family you shall find fulfillment. This fulfillment abides within you in all circumstances.

If you feel shaken in your sense of this joy, the fast access track for reconnecting into this great joy abides in prayers of gratitude. Really allow yourself to feel the gratitude for something significant. Heat in the cold weather is significant! Offer a prayer of gratitude for that! Medicine when feeling ill is significant! Offer a prayer of gratitude for that! Not needing medication because you are well is significant! Offer prayers of gratitude for that instead!

Gratitude seems hard or duty-bound until you really consider the blessing behind the gratitude. Once you reclaim those blessings - even the small ones hold great significance! - then you easily flow into the energy of great joy.

We wait for you there.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Spirit of Awakening

As you awaken more and more each day, this Spirit ignites a new level of love and insights within you. There is no need to distress yourself over the ones who have not yet awakened. They seem angry, discontent, and frustrated. These are signs of pending awakening, so rejoice for them.

With this knowledge, please also know that it is not your task to awaken them. It is our task.

You can let go of the need to convince or coerce them into being happy or relaxed. They cannot do this yet. Let us do our work for them and with them.

Remember when you felt angry, discontent, and frustrated? Did any amount of criticism from outside forces help you shift? Did any amount of soothing from outside forces help you shift? No. It was circumstances brought to you that allowed you to awaken. Sometimes those circumstances were miraculous in nature! Their undeniable Divine Intervention opened your eyes and your heart. Sometimes those circumstances were difficult and sorrowful. These circumstances yielded their perfect result of you stopping and attempting something new and different.

Just as we cheered for you as you shifted, our cheers await those others who are nearly there.

Just as angels sang as you shifted, so, too, the angels await their shifting. And so, you also shall wait for the others to awaken.

In the meantime, keep on being the love that you are! Keep resonating in those higher frequencies of love and compassion, courage and appreciation. This adds energy to the physical plane which assists those others in taking the step out of darkness and into illumination.

Your own shadow side expects everyone to think and act like yourself. Allow your essence of Light to hold sacred ground in this - without judgment or criticism or impatience.

There are two kinds of suffering attached to this. One suffering from being around those that still feel the need to embrace anger, discontent. and frustration and the other suffering comes from judging them about it.

Use wisdom to create safe boundaries for yourself. You need not experience either form of suffering.

There is no set time or deadline for awakening. Each grasps awakening when they become able to do so. The more you are able to embrace your own awakening - and with it love, compassion, courage, and appreciation - the less you will be drawn down by those who express an un-awakened nature and the sooner they might grasp new insights and perspectives.

This requires the practical application of being at peace with what is. That is no small task! Let us help you with that! Ask for help and it will be granted to you! Ask us to bring the Spirit of

Awakening to someone and we will amplify our efforts. The process is still free will, so we cannot make anyone awaken. However, we can draw near to you as you hold sacred ground and we can draw near to them in hopes of their shifting.

Remember, it is all as it needs to be. It is all unfolding in perfect time and harmony - even if personally it doesn't feel like it. Each stress situation becomes another opportunity for you to go deeper into your own awakening into peace.

We await you there.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Dance Through Challenges

You may find your outside circumstances challenging. Those challenges are not here to punish you nor to harm you. Rather, those challenges are just life as it occurs around you.

Allow yourself to move effortlessly with these challenges. Like a dance of energy - a dance with energy. Push against the challenges and you'll go nowhere. Move with the challenges and you will swirl and float in ecstasy.

Your inner being hears this music. It longs to move and shift within its tones. Ask for guidance to know which way to move in this flow. You will be guided.

This is not to say you won't be inconvenienced . . . yet within any inconvenience you will find treasure by releasing the distress and moving with the flow. Even an inconvenience holds great treasure for you should you be willing to look!

You might find a new spiritual resource within you that you didn't realize had been gifted to you. You might find a strength or level of peace granted to you. You might even connect more deeply with your guides and angels, if you allow yourself that opportunity.

Feeling irritated by life's challenges? Ask to be shown the beauty (power/message/wisdom) of the moment. Allow yourself to receive this information. The irritation fades as the message appears.

Your awareness opens the door to this dance.

We dance with you.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Renew

Each day you begin again.

The air you breathe today has been a part of the Earth's system since the beginning. Rain, evaporation, plants growing - all these create renewal.

Breathe in a fresh breath of air.

Renew yourself as you breathe. Inhaling new opportunities and new insights and new life force energy. Exhale and release old toxic energy along with old toxic thoughts. Let your awareness ride the cycle of breathing. Notice where you are and why you are here.

With this noticing, ask for Divine assistance in clearing and releasing that which no longer serves. Just as you cannot choose to hold your breath for very long, your soul is programmed to release old toxic energy - if you allow it to do so. Merely allow this to happen. Just as an exhale is natural, so is this releasing process.

It takes effort to hold on to old hurts and old sorrows. Do you really wish to spend your limited energy on such things?

Hold on to something better. Hold on to your own value and your own worth - if even just your worth to us. We value you highly! You have a great purpose to fulfill and we honor you that you have come into this physical plane to do so.

Take courage in your breathing. Notice the peace that can attend in the next breath. In the following breath, call to you curiosity. In the next breath, call to you kindness. As you call in a quality, an old quality that no longer blesses you can be released and replaced.

We honor you in this.

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