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Messages from the Ancient Ones – Time to Flourish

It is time to flourish!

Certainly, you may feel some discomfort as you shift from stagnation to flourishing. Yet, nothing out of the ordinary happens as shift happens - meaning, when you walk, you shift from one foot to the other and take weight off one leg and shift it to the other, shifting the weight within your core - yet the effort is seamless and goes unnoticed because you’ve been walking for a long time now.

A small child weaves and stumbles with every unsure step. Yet, we are not babies. You are children of the Universe certainly, but you have sufficient experience to move forward fearlessly.

Moving from the core is the key. Find your center of balance.

Ahhh, there is the tricky part. Life pulls you in many directions. Expectations from sources outside yourself. Yet, you are connected to Source. This connection aligns you with the spiritual realms and in the physical realm. When you allow yourself to feel this connection, your balance comes into your awareness. The wavering ceases. The next step becomes clear.

Gently allow yourself to lean into the shifting of energy – the shifting of intent. Direct your attention toward that next step and the Universe joins with you and brings ease and assistance from all quarters of the heavenly realms.

Walk in faith.

Messages from the Ancient Ones – Impact of the Heart

Your heart of hearts knows The Truth. The truth of who you are and the truth of Divine Love that encompasses you and resides within you.

One's feelings can distort this truth because feelings may be based upon unpleasant experiences, judgments about life experiences, or criticisms from external forces.

Yet, seeking this higher level of Truth grants you a peace in the unknowable. The need to have all the answers diminishes with having a glimpse of the Divine Love and Compassion offered to you.

You are an active presence within this dimension of physical and metaphysical existence. This active presence requires nothing from you, yet everything you think, say, or do affects this realm.

Will you add fear to your world? or love? Will you add chaos? or peace? Will you add despair? or joy?

The choice is yours.

Your impact is mighty!

Messages from the Ancient Ones 3-13-18

You are more powerful than you know.

You may feel adrift in the winds of change, or barely afloat in the sea of life, yet you can control the wind and the sea.

Our Beloved One commanded the seas and the winds to show you it can be done physically. You can use the power of your voice, your intent, and your authority as a Child of Light to make changes in this world you call home.

These changes may not be instantaneous, but they will be lasting.

First, take a few moments to breathe.

Be still.

Know that you are not alone.

Be still with this knowing.

In this moment of stillness and knowing ask for your truth and longing to be revealed. (Note: often you feel as if your want is your truth and your longing and it is not necessarily so. You may WANT others to change, yet your soul longs for you to stand up for yourself or to be able to be noticed and appreciated. This process reveals what your soul longing might be.)

Once you acknowledge your soul's longing, speak it aloud. (Note: "I am treated with honor and appreciation.")

Once spoken, this vibration begins to create a shift or change in the energy around you. This may cause others to react. Just notice that this is EVIDENCE of the power of your intent, voice, and authority as a Child of Light!!!

Notice and allow yourself to notice how you feel. Respect your feelings. If you don't like others reactions, return to stillness and allow yourself to move away from the unpleasant energy - whether physically or energetically. This distance is not emotional withdrawal as that is emotional and energetic blackmail...totally ineffective. Instead, allow yourself space within yourself and return to stillness in this space. This is called peace.

(Another note: You may wish to speak your truth/longing aloud privately at first. You may also wish to ask others to join you in the speaking of your words as united energies increase the power and effectiveness of this process.)

We have much more to say to you about this, but, for now, do these things and be blessed.

Messages From the Ancient Ones

Your heart, Dear One. Your heart. Herein lies your power, your intuition, your guidance system, your hope, your joy, those things that make life valuable.

Leave the overthinking behind and move from a place of love and compassion. This fuels every aspect of your life. The Universe responds to this vibration and brings to you more things to love and appreciate.

As you become a source of Light to those in your circle of influence, you tap into the Source of Light that illuminates your path.

Walk in Light, Dear One. We walk with you.

Message From the Ancient Ones – Twilight

Twilight is the between time. Between sunrise and daytime, between evening and night.

Sometimes, our lives find themselves in the twilight times. Not really engaged fully in goal setting and achieving and not really committed to rest and rekindling one's energy. Not really tired, and not really enthusiastic about a new step.

This soft time of twilight has its own energy. Its own spiritual identity.

Things are softer here. The harsh brightness of day has softened. The intense darkness of night has softened.

This soft energy implores you to soften one's self into a cherished hush of sweetness.In the dawn, the birds begin to chirp and the day awakens with delight. So too, awaken within you your soul's song. Your heart knows it. Listen and you will hear it awaken within you.In the dusk, the crickets sing their song. So, too - ease into your soul's song accentuated by the heartbeat.In both dusk and dawn, the sky fills with brilliant colors. Be brilliant in your willingness to be. Let others see and witness the brilliance of your centered soul.Pause and recognize the twilight when neither actions nor rest feel comfortable.We wait for you in the twilight, Dear One.

Message From the Ancient Ones A Twisted Path

Your journey leads you away from your goal to fulfill your goal in interesting and new ways. These creative ways may seem frustrating, yet follow your heart and allow it to lead you directly to where you want to be, become, do, and have.Those pieces of the journey that seem to be detours are merely opportunities to store experiences and wisdom for use in the future. Pay gratitude to them.Each step of your journey reveals rich blessings. Like looking for mushrooms, you may have to go into the dark places and you may find a few worms and bugs along the way. These, too enrich the earth. Allow them to be what they are and who they are. Feel free to walk away from creepy crawly things/people. No need to hate or berate. They merely are doing what they came here to do. Allow and move on to richer fields and richer earth and the goal you prize.(If you don't care for mushrooms, you can change this analogy and utilize it's message for your own taste. Have fun along the way. We do!

Message from the Ancient Ones – A Gift Within Your Heart

There is a great gift residing in your heart. One that often finds itself overlooked. A gift that changes everything in a moment.This gift is the gift of appreciation. When one appreciates another human being, both are uplifted and the energy expands. Though kindness holds great value, appreciation extends beyond a kindness.Appreciation is a heart-felt expression of the Light of Love that permeates all boundaries and borders, walls and overlays. Appreciation breaks through all barriers and creates a link and a harmonic that expands and grows.

A simple thank you is an appreciation. A specific thank you for a specific deed is a stronger appreciation. A written thank you or a physical expression (pay it forward) of thank you is an even stronger appreciation.Bless one another with these forms of appreciation and see your world change. You already ARE changing the world in this way! Teach others this by example and by direct instruction - especially the young and the downhearted.

Message From the Ancient Ones – Mistakes Happen

Mistakes happen. We speak without thinking. We act without considering. We respond without understanding.

These "mistakes" are not really mistakes. These actions give us appropriate feedback to get us back on track - if we find willingness to listen. Rather than finding means to justify our actions, find the means to forgive and to ask forgiveness.

These "mistakes" let us know immediately that we are not in the flow of abundance. For within the flow there is peace, joy, encouragement and harmony.

Become thankful for the opportunities for this great insight and make amends as needed. Amends do not wipe away hurt or damage our thoughtlessness creates. Amends do set us up to create deeper and improved relationships. Amends restore the balance.Thinking that one can do whatever and say whatever and then buy chocolate to smooth the waters is foolishness - this is not making amends.

Amends brings right action into the situation. Right action that heals rather than placates or glosses over. What action clears the way? Do this. Do loving actions from a penitent heart.

Love is the highest vibrational commodity on our planet. Keep it foremost in your abundance flow.

Blessing Channeled from the Ancient Ones – Hurry-Hurry. Rush-Rush. Quick-Quick. Fast!

The need to hurry is self-imposed due to too many expectations crammed into a time-frame that does not allow for Divine timing.

Divine Timing asks for breathing room. Room for Source to move through life circumstances in your behalf bringing serendipitous moments, opportunities and experiences.

Whittle away things that merely keep you busy. Certainly, little tasks must be done and they can be done with mindfulness and joy. Hurrying removes your Divine connection. Even powerful race horses - along with athletes, mountain climbers and those living abundantly - pace themselves for a brilliant outcome.

You are brilliant. Shine brightly and pace yourself with Divine Timing. We walk with you in this endeavor.