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Messages From The Ancient Ones 5-16-18

Look anew at the circumstances that distress you.

Look again at the perceptions that filter your world.

Take a fresh look at belief systems that direct your path.

We suggest this because it's possible to over look the truth as it becomes buried under oceans of doubt, fear, and judgment.

Dive deep within yourself while shining the spotlight of love on those unfathomable issues. You may think you are thinking "correctly" while your perceptions may be filtering out the things that could bring you more joy, prosperity, and fulfillment!

How does one dive deeply into the awareness? Choose to. Choose to be aware. The wonderful thing is that frustrations, aggravations, and sorrows often spring up to reveal where the disconnection exists. The very thing humans run from is the very thing that can bring them more awareness. Humans avoid pain and stress to their own detriment. Diving deeply into this discomfort yields new awarenesses and from that awareness - FREEDOM!

When an aggravation threatens to obstruct your progress, stop and take a look at it. That which is an aggravation is telling you that either you are no longer in alignment with the situation or that it's time to align into the situation. Aggravated at traffic? Align to the situation. People are confined to a limited space and are given directives to arrive at specific times. Each person in traffic has the same basic need - Freedom - which the circumstances forbid. One cannot drive at any old speed. One cannot drive off the roadway. One cannot crown another person out of the way by ramming.

Safety forbids these actions. Yet, humans, in their struggle for perceived dominance do these things! Whether you see these actions in others or you tend to do these things yourself, consider this. The circumstances are binding. Noticing the bindings allows you to journey without the need to struggle or be aggravated. When others struggle against their bindings, you can know that they feel bound up in many aspects of their life.

Freedom is a state of mind. A state of being. . . that exists beyond one's current circumstances.

We bring this freedom mind-set to you for your consideration. You can choose to feel aggravated while being in a binding situation or you can feel the freedom to consider the lillies of the field or jam out to your favorite tunes while you live within the bindings safety requires.

We hope you choose freedom. You will find us there.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – May 8th 2018

A change is coming. You are changing. You are becoming.

That which you think you are, may not indeed, be who you really are. Your perceptions are built upon other’s opinions and your own accomplishments . . . or your judgment of your perceived lack of accomplishment. The standards by which you judge yourself may be faulty.

Yes, accomplishing things is necessary for your Earthly journey. Yet, acts of kindness propels your soul into higher realms. No one may seem to notice your kindness. No one may comment on your kindness. You may believe that people only see your “mistakes”.

These perceptions are judgments. What others may deem as a mistake in fact may be just the valuable learning lesson your soul came here to accomplish! Once the lesson is learned and you move forward with joy and gratitude, the judgments of others fall away.

Wouldn’t it be more helpful to let those judgments fall away first? Moving forward would be so much easier!

Your whole life is a transformational journey.

If you knew it all or were perfect, there would be no need for you to incorporate into a physical form.

So, if you are in the physical form, you are on your sacred journey with lots to learn and even more to share. Our biggest suggestion to you is this . . . take time to be kind. Kindness honors your soul’s journey and honors another’s soul journey. In so doing, you short circuit judgment. This allows you access to ascended energy of Love and Light in a higher measure.

It takes courage to be kind. We know you are brave enough and strong enough. First, acknowledge the kindness Spirit brings to you every day in the little blessings of life. Then, be kind to yourself in honor of those gifts. Then, allow kindness to flow through you. The little acts of kindness transform your journey. Be transformed. Be Love and Light.

We walk with you in this.

Messages from the Ancient Ones – May 1st

The past happened before now. The future is yet to happen. The "eternal now" is the experience of timelessness - the feeling you get when fully engaged in something and you "lost track of time" or "time seemed to stand still." These experiences allow you a moment's perception of eternity that is the essence of your soul/spirit.

What a delightful day it will be when you can fully experience this!

In the mean time, you are still anchored in time.

The key to moving through time is the constant process of letting go of what was and taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Judgment may keep the past alive in the hear and now.

Fear may kill the future.

Walk in faith, Dear Ones. This grants you life and life abundantly

Messages from the Ancient Ones – You Are The Light Of The World

You have heard or read these sacred words. You may think you know what this means. Perhaps you do. Perhaps there is another concept here yet undelivered and not yet perceived.

Often, we see people who walk a sacred path take these words to mean that they much be a perfect example to others . . . never making a mistake nor asking for help.

Yet this light that shines within you isn't about perfection. Nor is it about muddling through by one's self. In actuality, it is far from this.

This light within you shines through any mistakes you may perceive you make. This light is not about what you do. It is about who you are.

You are children of the Light. As holy offspring, you cannot NOT shine. Yet, unfocused this light refracts away in all directions as scattered and diffused energy.

Set your attention and your intent upon kindness and the energy of this light holds a steady beam of brightness that dances through the world. Set your attention and your intent upon gratitude, and the energy of this light holds a steady beam of peace that empowers others. Set your attention and your intent upon forgiveness and this steady beam of light heals yourself and others.

This light that you shine permeates the darkness and uplifts

others for miles around. In fact, this light travels beyond the limits of time and space and can be registered in the hearts of others across the globe and throughout the generations.

You have no idea how powerful this light is. We bask in this light as we see it from the ethereal realms. As you connect with others whose light is focused and bright, the light intensifies and sings with a harmonic resonance that shatters the constructs of suffering while healing and uplifting this Earth.

Consider each moment as a new moment to shine. You already are shining! Focus your light upon a concept you wish to engender and amplify in your world.

We behold the beauty of this light and are awestruck.

Messages from the Ancient Ones – Sacred Choice

You have been given a sacred choice. You can view your life as tragic and difficult, or you can view your live as blessed and sacred. The same circumstances may exist in both perceptions yet when you choose to view the sacredness of life, it becomes beautiful.

This beauty may not be without difficulty, yet even in difficulty there can be beautiful moments. How can one see the beautiful moment when life's difficulties loom?

Employ your inner child-like wonder. You may not remember the first time you saw a bug. Yet, in that moment, there was no judgment of whether it was good or bad, right or wrong, it was just a new thing to be discovered. Later, you learned that bugs could bite or they felt creepy on your skin. Later you learned that your parents didn't want bugs on you.

Before those judgments, you merely had fascination and curiosity. You wondered what it was and what it could do. You wondered if it wondered who you were.

This process of wonderment allowed your open curiosity room to explore. Employ this same curiosity now. Allow yourself to explore your options for growth . . . for experiencing.

This allows space between you and the circumstances. This provides breathing room between you and fear and struggle. It is within this breathing room that new insights happen. It is within this breathing room that Divine Source can speak to your heart. It is within this breathing room that your can speak to Divine Source. It is within this breathing room that you can breathe. It is within the breath that you can regain your composure, your focus, your bright spirit of hope and joy - your sacred self.

We long to see you regain your sacred self. We await your return.

Messages from the Ancient Ones – Time Shift

Time is shifting. Every changing ever moving.

Being in the moment is actually impossible as the moment passes as quickly as it arrives. The phrase "being in the moment" might better be stated as "being in the flow."

Flowing with each moment allows you the perspective of the past and the desires to be manifested. Feeling stuck may feel as if time stands still or your life stands still. However, this is not so. Your perspective

of opportunities is stuck. As you seek for a new perspective, new opportunities arise. With new perspectives and new opportunities, you move gently into the flow that is already happening.

When you consider "being in the flow" consider the flow not to be time as much as the flow is light moving through space. . . Light unbounded by distance or resistance. Light flows even through what you might consider obstacles or blocks. Nothing blocks Divine Light. Not even darkness or shadows of doubt.

Bring your awareness into the space of darkness and Light immediately fills this space. Moving through, in, under, and around bathing all in Light.

YOU carry this Light within you. Notice this Light flowing within you. Allow this Light to bring new hopes and dreams to you when old ones fade. Allow this Light to flow with you into the next moment, the next step, the next goal, the next dream, the next lifetime.

Messages from the Ancient Ones – Your Sacred Path

Your sacred path is neither a destination nor an experience for which you must quest. Nor is it something to which you might aspire to do "later" or, "when you’re ready" or, "after this problem" or, "when I can get back on track."

You are on your sacred path right now!

Everything you do, think, feel, or say applies to this path.

Everything. Every. Single. Thing.

Whether you feel sacred about it or not is a perception. Are you doing your best? That, Dear One, is a sacred act! Are you being mindful? That, Dear One, is a sacred perception! Do you feel like you are oblivious and lost? That, too, is a sacred perception that allows you to shift and make changes.

Sacredness is not something for which one aspires, but actually is the experience of living. Life is a sacred thing, is it not? Don't you anguish when a small animal is mistreated? So, too, your life is sacred as well. Not because you are helpless, but because you are Divinely lit with a radiance of mercy, kindness, and joy.

Bask in this light, Dear One. Bask in the sacredness of now. Bask in the experience of being in, and on, your sacred path in this very moment.

We honor you in this

Messages from the Ancient Ones – Time to Flourish

It is time to flourish!

Certainly, you may feel some discomfort as you shift from stagnation to flourishing. Yet, nothing out of the ordinary happens as shift happens - meaning, when you walk, you shift from one foot to the other and take weight off one leg and shift it to the other, shifting the weight within your core - yet the effort is seamless and goes unnoticed because you’ve been walking for a long time now.

A small child weaves and stumbles with every unsure step. Yet, we are not babies. You are children of the Universe certainly, but you have sufficient experience to move forward fearlessly.

Moving from the core is the key. Find your center of balance.

Ahhh, there is the tricky part. Life pulls you in many directions. Expectations from sources outside yourself. Yet, you are connected to Source. This connection aligns you with the spiritual realms and in the physical realm. When you allow yourself to feel this connection, your balance comes into your awareness. The wavering ceases. The next step becomes clear.

Gently allow yourself to lean into the shifting of energy – the shifting of intent. Direct your attention toward that next step and the Universe joins with you and brings ease and assistance from all quarters of the heavenly realms.

Walk in faith.

Messages from the Ancient Ones – Impact of the Heart

Your heart of hearts knows The Truth. The truth of who you are and the truth of Divine Love that encompasses you and resides within you.

One's feelings can distort this truth because feelings may be based upon unpleasant experiences, judgments about life experiences, or criticisms from external forces.

Yet, seeking this higher level of Truth grants you a peace in the unknowable. The need to have all the answers diminishes with having a glimpse of the Divine Love and Compassion offered to you.

You are an active presence within this dimension of physical and metaphysical existence. This active presence requires nothing from you, yet everything you think, say, or do affects this realm.

Will you add fear to your world? or love? Will you add chaos? or peace? Will you add despair? or joy?

The choice is yours.

Your impact is mighty!

Messages from the Ancient Ones 3-13-18

You are more powerful than you know.

You may feel adrift in the winds of change, or barely afloat in the sea of life, yet you can control the wind and the sea.

Our Beloved One commanded the seas and the winds to show you it can be done physically. You can use the power of your voice, your intent, and your authority as a Child of Light to make changes in this world you call home.

These changes may not be instantaneous, but they will be lasting.

First, take a few moments to breathe.

Be still.

Know that you are not alone.

Be still with this knowing.

In this moment of stillness and knowing ask for your truth and longing to be revealed. (Note: often you feel as if your want is your truth and your longing and it is not necessarily so. You may WANT others to change, yet your soul longs for you to stand up for yourself or to be able to be noticed and appreciated. This process reveals what your soul longing might be.)

Once you acknowledge your soul's longing, speak it aloud. (Note: "I am treated with honor and appreciation.")

Once spoken, this vibration begins to create a shift or change in the energy around you. This may cause others to react. Just notice that this is EVIDENCE of the power of your intent, voice, and authority as a Child of Light!!!

Notice and allow yourself to notice how you feel. Respect your feelings. If you don't like others reactions, return to stillness and allow yourself to move away from the unpleasant energy - whether physically or energetically. This distance is not emotional withdrawal as that is emotional and energetic blackmail...totally ineffective. Instead, allow yourself space within yourself and return to stillness in this space. This is called peace.

(Another note: You may wish to speak your truth/longing aloud privately at first. You may also wish to ask others to join you in the speaking of your words as united energies increase the power and effectiveness of this process.)

We have much more to say to you about this, but, for now, do these things and be blessed.