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Qigong is an exercise and energetic healing practice that is practiced in China and has been exported around the world. This ancient Chinese discipline has many forms. One of the best established versions in the U.S. is the practice of Spring Forest Qigong, developed by international Qigong Master Chunyi Li, who sees his mission as helping […]

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Followers of “The Way”

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty dismayed at all the things that are said and done by those who claim to be “Christian.”  Bigotry, hatred, holier-than-thou attitudes to name a few.  This is not to discredit the many great things that have been done in the name of Jesus, yet, with so […]

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Intuitive Tarot

The 4Th Thursday of Every Month.  $20 with Janice Lynch. Throw away your Tarot book and learn how to read on more of an intuitive basis.Come practice in a safe and nurturing environment.  All experience levels are welcomed.

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