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5 Essential Tools for Empaths Feb 25th


February 25th

1-5 PM

At the Divine Fellowship

513 Barth Richland WA


Janice Lynch​

You Know You are an Empath! 

Shutting down / Shutting others out Causes you to miss out on life.

There is a Better Way!!​

  • Learn powerful, quick, effective spiritual tools.
  • Harness the power you bring into this world.
  • Learn to enjoy the gift of being an Empath.​

$40.00 or $20 for returning students

Solar Returns – Astrology Jan 25th

Astrology Workshop 

Jan 25th

7 PM

513 Barth Richland WA

With Sarrah West

We'll be looking at the moment the sun returns to the exact degree each year when you were born and why this is valuable to understand the energies, both challenging and easier in the flow of the personal year. We'll explore the solar return of volunteers in attendance! This is a good class for beginners and intermediate astrology enthusiasts.

Attendees will receive discount for future readings.

Love donation for attendance is given to The Divine Fellowship.

Ladies Lunch

Bring your own Lunch January 6th @ The Divine Fellowship Church

Join us for some good company and conversation. ​

Sacred Crystals

Discover your own power crystals and their sacred message for you.

In this fun and interactive class you will be guided through a process used by ancient mystics and shaman. Gain “crystal insight” into a personal challenge or goal. Suggested donation $30 includes crystals.

With Beth Clark

The Divine Fellowship Gift Fair

Looking for an "unusual" gift?  You might find it at

The Divine Fellowship Gift Fair!

Saturday, December 3rd from 10 - 4

The Divine Fellowship,

513 Barth, Richland, WA

Here you'll find not only gift items like Jewelry and Angel Wreaths you'll also be able to have Intuitive Readings along with items from our bake sale - including Gluten Free goodies!

​Here is a list of our vendors!

Valerie Schmitt - Aura Imaging

Maryann McDonald - Living Well Coaching

Lynn Spicer - Essential Oils

Presilla Cantu - Jewelry and Stones

Tracy Seegrist - Scrapbooks and Tarot Journals

Rhonda Wick - Homemade Jewelry and Crafts

Cindy Mckay - Christmas Angel Wreaths

Jocey Hallman - Biomat Healing Sessions and more!

Jamilah Valentin - Pendulums, Tarot Cards, and Incense

Sarah West - Astrology readings

Denise Spaman - Gemstone/Crystal Jewelry

Under the Sun-Soaps - Lotions and Body Scrubs

Sam Schmitt - 3D Virtual Reality Energy Readings

And don't forget our BAKE SALE!!!

Come to shop, stay to play!  See you Saturday!​ 10 am - 4 pm

5 Essential Tools For An Empath

Are you sensitive?  Do you feel too much? Do you know how other people feel before they do?  Do you try to make everyone happy so you don't feel their pain? 

Do you feel shut down?  Numb?

Do you struggle to block others or shield yourself?  Do you find it exhausting to try?

You may be an Empath.  An Empath feels things beyond empathy.  We can empathize with someone going through a hard time.  An Empath will feel everything they are going through.

There is more than one type of Empath.  

One will feel physical pain in their own body if you hurt yourself or fall down.

Another kind of Empath will sense how another feels even if they are pretending to be okay.  This sensing is more than sensing, it is carried in the Empath's body and becomes part of their life experience.  Distance can assist one in not feeling so much, yet if there is a deep emotional connection, the Empath will feel what is going on with another no matter how many miles separate them.

Another type of Empath may not even be aware they are "picking up" the emotional or physical energy from another.  They will just realize days later that the last time the felt good was before they talked to that one person.  

Do any (or all) of these sound familiar?  Then you could really use some tools to help you life your life as an Empath!!!

Please join us as Janice Lynch offers tools and guidance in this upcoming worth-shop.  

When hiding, isolating, blocking, shielding, crying, being angry, and resisting  no longer works . . . 

Saturday, November 19th

1 - 4pm

At The Divine Fellowship

513 Barth Ave. Richland, WA

Suggested donation $40 

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  

Yes, it's THAT important!!!​

Ghosts 101

What are ghosts?  Are there such things as ghosts? Where do they come from? What can they do? How do I know if there is one near me? What do I do? Is a ghost different then a loved one that's crossed over? How come some people can see them and others can't?

So many questions. . . .

It's Halloween! Are you creeped out?

I've got answers for you. Let me help you understand the spiritual realms so you can navigate in your world safely and without fear. Being spooked out a bit is kinda fun on Halloween, yet living in fear of ghosts can haunt a person all year long. Get get armed with information that not only helps you understand what you might be experiencing but teaches you how to deal with it.​

If time permits, and your nerves can stand it, we may share some real live ghost stories!​



October 28th

at 6:30 pm

At The Divine Fellowship

513 Barth, Ave.

Richland, WA

Word Up Widget Class – Aug 6th

Saturday August 6th  1-3:30 pm  $20.00

Get your widget out and come join the Word-Up Tarot layout Widget class. 

Don't have a Widget? Contact Janice there are just a couple of these gems left.