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We, at The Divine Fellowship, as sponsors of the Healing Light Expo, hope you enjoy these Seminars from our Vendors and some of our members.  We uphold Joy, Enlightenment and Spiritual Sanctuary.  We want you to have fun, learn something, and feel safe with us!  See you at the Expo!

Please notice the previous post with the Seminar Schedule.  Here is a brief description of the Seminars being presented:


Oneness Blessing - presented by Sandra and William Kettle Saturday 10:00 am; 4:00pm; and Sunday 3pm Seminar Room A:  The Oneness Blessing quiets the mind to allow us to connect to the Oneness that we are, so we may experience Oneness with all Creation and the Divine Presence.  It brings a shift in perception and the realization that the sense of a separate self is an illusion.  For more info you may wish to visit

Let Your Divine Self Shine: Two Essential Choices - presented by Sandy Lange Saturday at 11:00 am.  Seminar Room A:  Sandy will detail two vital choices that enhance self-compassion and affirms the Truth of your Divine Nature.

Palmistry: Ancient Secrets for Today - presented by Shannon Mobley Saturday 11:00 am Seminar Room B;  Palmistry is one of the few methods of divination that doesn't require many tools.  For the beginner, Shannon gives you q quick explanation of Palmistry.  For the intermediate and advanced practitioners, she offers a few new tricks to add to your already existing tool box.  Come chat about one of the most intimate of the divination modalities.​

Maitreya - World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius - presented by Share International, Saturday at noon, Seminar Room A;​  Maitreya is a very highly evolved being who has taken on adult physical form in July 1977.  He is here to teach humanity how it can eliminate the scourges of starvation, poverty, terrorism, war and environmental degradation.  With His guidance, it is expected that men and women of goodwill will be inspired to create a brilliant new civilization of justice and peace.  It is also expected that he will remin inHis present physical form throughout the roughly next 2500 years that comprise the Age of Aquarius.

Sacred Healing Crystals - presented by Beth Clark, Noon, Seminar room B​:  In this class you'll receive your own healing crystal and discover its sacred message for you.  We will explore ways you can use the ancient practice of crystal healing to gain greater self-knowledge and to improve all aspects of your life.  There will be a guided exercise and a special crystal reading!

Chinese Qigong:  Healing Yourself - Healing Others - presented by Mary Ann McDonald Saturday 1:00pm Seminar Room A;​ Qigong is an exercise and energetic healing practice that has been exported around the world from China.  The verson Mary Ann practices and teaches is called Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) and was developed by international Qigong Master Chunyi Lin, who focuses his practice on teaching us to heal ourselves and to help heal others.  During the Seminar, Mary Ann will provide highlights about SFQ and guide participants through parts of a brand new active exercise routine, "5 Elements of Healing Movement:  Unlocking Your Healing Intelligence."  These exercises are gentle and incorporate holding values of happiness, joy, grounded, peace, contentment, thankfulness, and gratitude into the movements.

What is Rapid Eye Technology - presented by Amber Mitchell Saturday 1:00pm, Seminar Room B; Rapid Eye Technology or RET is a natural, safe way to release stress and trauma.  RET simulates REM sleep, your body's own natural release system.  This powerful, quick release happens without reliving the trauma or perceived trauma of past events.  Accessing the whole min/body system while in an awake state allows YOU control of your own journey to healing.

Auras - More than Just Color - presented by Valerie Schmitt, Saturday at 2:00pm, Seminar Room A; Have you ever wondered about the energy that surrounds you?  Have you ever been told what color your aura is?  ARe you stuck and going nowhere in your life?  Valerie Schmitt will not only show you what your aura color is, but how the health and vitality of your chakras as well to assist you in moving forward in your life.

Essential Oils of The Bible - presented by Lynn Spicer, Saturday 2:00 pm, Seminar Room B: Essential Oils have been around and used for centuries. Lynn will present the essential oils that were present and mention int he Bible and discuss their purpose during the times of Jesus, and how they can be powerful still today.

Ignighting the Light - The Fire of the Soul - presented by Dan McDonald, Saturday, 3:00pm, Seminar Room A; We all have an inner light.  We may believe ours is not bright enough, perhaps burnt out, or in some way non-functional.  Have faith - the light is there, just waiting to brighten our path.  Come join in and let's rekindle the light of our souls!  Bet us burn bright!

Visit with the Other Side - Presented by the Mediumship Panel Saturday 3:00 pm Seminar Room B;  Valerie Schmitt, Lynn Spicer, Shannon Mobley, Kelley Frankenfield, and Sharon Steele tune in to the Other Side.  The create a connection to our loved ones that have crossed over.  They will communicate with as many as possible inthe limited time frame.  Ask your loved ones to meet you there and be open to this communication.  The Mediumship Panel will connect based upon their own life experiences, so release expectations and allow this sweet connection to happen for a deep blessing.


The Divine Fellowship Church Services - Presented by Janice and Phil Lynch, Sunday morning at 10:00 Seminar Rooms A & B.  Free entrance to Expo for all those attending services.  Services include a spiritual process for receiving Divine Guidance and a Guided Mediation.  If you like the Expo, you will LOVE us!

Pain Release Now - Your Energy Healing Toolkit - presented by Crystal Willingham, Sunday 11:00 am, Seminar Rooms A & B.  5 simple tools to help you identify and overcome blocks to Whole Life Wellness.  Get rid of counterproductive habits once and for all!  Achieve a peaceful state of mind.  Get freedom from emotional anchors that hold you down.  Finally, understand how perfectly your are made and achieve personal success and create harmony in all areas of your life with help! 

The Sound of Healing - Healing with Sound - presented by Rainier Michaelis; Sunday noon, Seminar Rooms A & B; The vibration of sound changes our body, our body's energy and our state of being.  Hear and feel the healing energy.

Four Elements in Astrology - presented by Sarrah West Sunday 1:00pm Seminar Rooms A & B; Every astrological sign has one element attributed to its nature.  Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.  This lecture will be a discussion on understanding each element across the zodiac from Aries to Pisces.  We'll be exploring how signs of a similar element are complimentary and discover what is unique as well.  A class for exploring the roots of the cosmic order of our zodiac that is evident in nature.  Come join the cosmic fun!

Ramp Up Your Intuition - presented by Janice Lynch, Sunday 2:00 pm - Seminar Rooms A & B; We all embrace intuitive abilities.  Yes, we inadvertently impair our abilities by discounting, doubting or ignoring . .  or we miss an intuitive insight altogether.  We've all said, "I knew that!  Why didn't I pay attention!?!"  Learn some way-cool and way-fun techniques to ramp up the intuition.  Learn to fine-tune and turn it up.  Ramp Up Your Intuition!

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