Inter-Dimensional Shift – Feb 4th

February 4th
Come early!

Doors lock once we begin!


Janice Lynch


At The Divine Fellowship
513 Barth, Richland

No sign up necessary just be on time!

In theory, we exist simultaneously in an unlimited number of parallel dimensions.

In each dimension the essence that is you, makes different choices and
experiences different situations leading to different lessons and awarenesses.

​Janice (Psychic, Medium, Pastor for The Divine Fellowship) will guide you through a safe and powerful technique for making inter-dimensional connections and benefiting from the experience.

(Note from Janice: Through a spontaneous inter-dimensional experiences, I connected with a me in another dimension who held great leadership abilities. I learned from her how to lead with grace, enthusiasm, and kindness. In another spontaneous experience, I experienced how it feels to release other’s expectations. It set me free to be me. Powerful stuff!)

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