Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

Love changes things. A few years ago, the neighbor’s son parked a big, white, sun-reflecting travel trailer in their back yard which put it directly in my line of sight as I walked out my back door. Since I spend a lot of “pondering/prayer” time on my deck, it was a terrible eye sore and a huge glaring distraction.

My first response was to curse it and get all full of blame, frustration and irritation. (Ok. First, second and third response!) Eventually I became . . . a little more compassionate. I’ve been homeless myself and living at my mom & dad’s house. So I began to bless the travel trailer every time I saw it. I blessed the man who was going through a divorce and his family. I blessed the heck out of that situation. It took about a year and a half and he was gone . . . new life, new job, new marriage, new start.

I also noticed the trees planted between the trailer and our house. The one directly in the line of sight and blessing was substantially bigger than the other two trees on either side of it. Even the plants received the blessings and thrived!

Yet, sometimes we hope for the best, offer blessings and kindness, and things still remain a hardship or heartbreaking.

These are times for us to turn the love inward and love ourselves enough. Loving ourselves so we take care of ourselves. Just because the love we send does not yield the results we want doesn’t mean love isn’t working. Our wants may not be in alignment with our Divine destiny or our soul’s purpose or someone else’s destiny/purpose.

The trick is to know what self-care really looks like. Sometimes we feel like it means self-indulgence or becoming embittered or resentful. Love, however, finds a way to uplift and carry us through life’s challenges (i.e. setting clear boundaries, speaking our truth in love, eating right, etc.)

Sometimes we don’t have self-love during heartbreak or hardship. A loving tribe or community reminds us who we really are and allows us to reclaim our own sacred path. (No one will try to “fix” you.)

Dan McDonald once said, “The Divine Fellowship offers a safe place to be unsafe, as the heart and soul unravel and then re-knit themselves in a better way.”

When our own love isn’t enough, connect in with the Love that we share here at The Divine Fellowship. Be blessed and thrive.

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