Suicide’s Secret Message: A Treasure Map to Joy

I've been through the depths of despair.  And I've risen to a place of joyfully doing what I love with my whole heart.  The journey hasn't always been easy, yet the journey has been, without a doubt, blessed, joy-filled, and amazing.

On September 16th at 1:00 pm, I will share with you​ the tools that got me through the rough spots of that journey.

Talking about (shhh . . . whisper) suicide​ - a person taking one's own life - is a challenging subject at best.  So many secrets and so much pain. 

Pain for the one considering it.  Pain for the loved ones left behind with heartache and an unquenchable grief.​

Hosted by:  The Divine Fellowship

Presented by:   Janice Lynch

At: The Divine Fellowship  513 Barth, Richland WA

Saturday, September 16th at 1:00pm  

Yet, suicide holds an incredible message - if you can discover it!  This message bring your through the pain and into a bright, joyful life.

You may feel that you are in the depths of despair or drift in and out of a despairing state of being.  Get ready to see a way out.   a lasting way out.

Maybe you feel like your life doesn't matter.  Find a new sense of values and from a new perspective re-discover your sense of worth.

Perhaps you wish you could just end it.  Been there . . . nearly did that.  Learn how to put an end to that pain . . . forever!

Maybe you've lost a loved on to suicide.  Acquire a new level of understanding and learn to live beyond the tragedy.  A new level of peace awaits you.

Whatever your circumstances, I will offer you insights and simple processes to find your way into a whole new way of being . . . easily.  Maybe you think it's too hard of a journey - you don't know how to get there from here.  With your current understanding, it IS too hard!  With a new perspective and some powerful, yet simple tools, the journey unfolds in front of you.

I've experience the treasure you seek.  I know how to get there from here.  And I've created a map for you to follow.  The silly pirate's treasure map graphic you see here isn't to make light of such a serious subject, but rather to acknowledge that the journey is tricky!  No straight line of thinking or action alone will get you to the treasure.  An adventure awaits and at the end you will find a lasting treasure.

Get ready for life to get easy, joyful and maybe even sweet!  Get ready to have your mind blown and your perceptions rocked.

The presentation is free!!  Bring a friend!  We will have a raffle drawing at the presentation and 1/2 the proceeds will go to Crisis Response Unit - an amazing organization the helps people in crisis every day.  Yet they cannot take the journey for you!  Learn how to move yourself along in a positive way.

After the presentation, several healing modality specialists will be on hand to assist and answer questions about their techniques.  Refreshments will be served, so stay and get acquainted.