The Sacred Self

Your Sacred Self awaits your attention.

When you find yourself in resistance to any situation, you silence and shackle your Sacred Self. This part of your being has much wisdom and courage to share with you, yet you lock the door to your awareness - you disconnect from the Sacred Self.

There lies great power here. . . the power to choose wisely, the ability to release, the capacity to love, the comprehension of Divine Love for you, the strength to overcome, the aptitude for compassion, the comprehension of the greater good, and the awareness of Universal Mind.

Why would one cut all that off from themselves? Because it is easier to be angry. It's simpler to be resentful. It seems effortless to be oblivious and judge something as everyone else's fault.

Even though it SEEMS easier, simpler and effortless to shut down, in fact, the opposite is true! It is easier, simpler and even more effortless to connect in! However, it does require letting go.

Ah. There's the rub. Right? Control or perceived control seems valuable and precious in the face of challenges. Yet, that very thing blocks you from that which is most precious of all - connection to the Sacred Self which is connected to Divine Source.

We encourage you to notice when you seek control (perceived control). Tapping into the Sacred Self allows you to be the Master of your Life . . . far better choice than a miserable attempt at controlling things.

We say these things not to shame you or to discourage you. Rather we say these things to awaken your awareness to an encouragement already "on board"!

One way to connect with the Sacred Self is to observe nature. A falling leaf. A glowing sunrise. A wild rose. A bird flying overhead. If you cannot get out in nature, view pictures of nature and envision yourself within that place. Even just for a moment, this allows you contact with your Sacred Self.

Notice. Feel free. Be alive.

We love you.