Word Up – A New Tarot Layout System – May 21

May 21st 1-3:30 PM with Janice Lynch

$40.00 Includes Brand New Word UP Widget  A New Tarot Layout System

Don't you just love it when your readings are perfectly clear and concise? What can we do to boost that clarity?

We set our intent. Intent is a wonderful guiding light. We are saying here is what I want to know.

So how do we help convey our intent? Layouts!

Wouldn't it be fantastic to always have the perfect layout for every situation?

Enter..... WORD UP! 

On the fly Layouts that are Easy Peasy! 

Simply pull the tiles that will create just the layout you need at the moment. How fun and easy is that?

Come be the first ones to try this new system. You'll love it! 

A Set of Word UP Widget - A new Tarot Layout System is included in the class fee.

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