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Message From the Ancient Ones – Twilight

Twilight is the between time. Between sunrise and daytime, between evening and night. Sometimes, our lives find themselves in the twilight times. Not really engaged fully in goal setting and achieving and not really committed to rest and rekindling one’s energy. Not really tired, and not really enthusiastic about a new step. This soft time of twilight […]

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Message from the Ancient Ones – A Gift Within Your Heart

There is a great gift residing in your heart.One that often finds itself overlooked. A gift that changes everything in a moment.This gift is the gift of appreciation. When one appreciates another human being, both are uplifted and the energy expands.Though kindness holds great value, appreciation extends beyond a kindness.Appreciation is a heart-felt expression of […]

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Message From the Ancient Ones – Mistakes Happen

Mistakes happen. We speak without thinking. We act without considering. We respond without understanding.These “mistakes” are not really mistakes. These actions give us appropriate feedback to get us back on track – if we find willingness to listen. Rather than finding means to justify our actions, find the means to forgive and to ask forgiveness.These […]

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Blessing Channeled from the Ancient Ones – Hurry-Hurry. Rush-Rush. Quick-Quick. Fast!

The need to hurry is self-imposed due to too many expectations crammed into a time-frame that does not allow for Divine timing.Divine Timing asks for breathing room.  Room for Source to move through life circumstances in your behalf bringing serendipitous moments, opportunities and experiences.Whittle away things that merely keep you busy.  Certainly, little tasks must […]

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