Qigong is an exercise and energetic healing practice that is practiced in China and has been exported around the world. This ancient Chinese discipline has many forms.

One of the best established versions in the U.S. is the practice of Spring Forest Qigong, developed by international Qigong Master Chunyi Li, who sees his mission as helping train others toward his ideal of “a healer in every family and a world without pain.”

The Level 1 exercise is effective and gentle enough that almost anyone can do it, including those who are restricted to exercising while sitting or lying down. Higher levels of his practice focus on learning how to heal others with specific movements, maintaining a sense of love, kindness, and forgiveness toward them.

 The Divine Fellowship uses Master Lin’s approach to qigong as demonstrated in his Level 1 video in which he takes us through the (standing) active exercise to unblock “stuck” energy that can create physical ailments and help our bodies heal themselves.

Come join us at 9:15 am on Sunday mornings for 30-40 minutes of qigong together. (Check the Calendar first to confirm that it is happening!)

This practice is free.  No experience needed.