About Us

Welcome Home

To a home like you may have never known. We walk a path together holding sacred ground for one another as we explore our spirituality.

Our Mission

Through our experience, strength and faith, we create a spiritually supportive environment that allows us to find our joy, enlightenment, and spiritual sanctuary.

Our Journey

We explore the Truth in all religions, through the lens of Christianity, with reverent attention to Native American teachings. Each person holds his/her own personal truth to be sacred.

Our Joy

Energy flows where the attention goes. That which we focus on, we attract into our lives. We choose to focus on joy, love, and gratitude for all that we have, thereby drawing more to us.

Our Love

Love, compassion and kindness lead the way to our true selves and to Divine Source

Our Mentors

Janice Lynch

My name is Janice Lynch. I am a psychic. I have visions,  see angels and communicate with "dead" people. I am also a Christian. These truths live within my soul, my heart, and my life and form the foundation of my faith. For years, I struggled with all of these truths in my life. I felt pulled apart. Can Jesus and spiritual experiences co-exist?

The answer became my life's quest and fueled our decision to create The Divine Fellowship. As the Divine Fellowship's minister, I share my journey and my experiences in messages, guided meditation and workshops.

Phil Lynch

Phil Lynch was born in Alaska before it was a state, and his first memory is of his Catholic baptism. He went to Catholic school and Catholic Church six days a week, where he caused lots of trouble asking question none of his religious teachers could answer. As a result, Phil now considers himself a "recovering Catholic". Through the Years Phil and his wife Janice, attended other churches but always felt something was missing. Phil became ordained along with Janice in 1995 and created The Diving Fellowship in 1997. Phil starts off our services on the lighter side. Our groups laughter is contagious so be forewarned - you will get a good healing Laugh - as the group that laughs together stays together.