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Sacred Journey

Seeking for Calm and Purpose in a Stressful Life?  Journey to Sacred Places for Serenity and Divine Connections.  Your Sacred Journey is Guided by Janice Lynch with Deeply Relaxing Music by Mitch Lewis (Used with Permission).

Crystal Cave Meditation

Sit back and enjoy a journey into a Crystal Cave.  You will get to choose your own Crystal Room! Choose what first comes to your mind as it may have special spiritual significance for you.

You Think - Inspirational

A short inspirational video of Courage, Truth, and Love.

One night as I was about to drift off into sleep, I heard some words that I thought were very encouraging. I share them with you in this video. ~Janice Lynch

Healing Drums and Prayer

Sit back and relax and allow the sound and vibration of healing drums bring you deep healing. 6-minute video.