The Divine Fellowship creates a space of Joy (we call it recess with God/Creator/All That Is), Enlightenment (learning cool spiritual stuff), and Spiritual Sanctuary (a sacred, safe place to explore).

 We cannot claim that we are like-minded, though we are kindred spirits, in that we all travel on our own spiritual path which includes lots of different ways of perceiving and receiving Divine Connection.  We do, however, share a mutual respect for one another’s journey and a willingness to learn.  

Whether you can join us in person, via You Tube, or in the spirit of giving, we thank you!  There are many ways you can donate.

1. Mail in Your Donations

Donations (checks) may be mailed to The Divine Fellowship 513 Barth Ave, Richland, WA 99352

2. Donate online using PayPal. 

Give Securely through PayPal. 

3. Donate online using Square. 

Give Securely through Square.

4. Talk to your bank to set up automatic donations. 

Contact Nancy Forsman if you need help setting up payments.