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Because of current health concerns, in person classes have been cancelled.

SUNDAY SERVICES: Sunday Services are now Live on Facebook. Visit The Divine Fellowship Facebook Page at 10:00 AM Sundays.

INSIGHTS: Free Zoom Class, 'INSIGHTS' - Beth Clark and I (Janice Lynch) will start at our regular time 6:30pm as we learn how to tap into our expanded awareness/intuition. Should Be Fun it will continue every 2nd Wednesday of the month.

TAROT: Ali Hanson and I (Janice Lynch) will host a free tarot class.  Tarot is a great tool to access our expanded awareness/intuition.  Feel free to join this class no matter what your level of proficiency.  All that is needed is an open heart and a Tarot deck or an Oracle deck.  Many Blessings in This New Year!! It will continue every 4th Wednesday of the month.

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