Your Ascension Journey has taken you far. Your willingness to awaken into your own life has been a powerful process. You’re

The Visioning

The moment of Awakening is now. The time of expanded awareness is now. The day of healing is now. In this

This Now Moment

A gentle breeze is blowing. Not a physical breeze, yet a flow or movement of energy breezing by. This energy comes

Energy Breeze

Golden moments await your attention. These golden moments are not unique in and of themselves . . . more of the

Golden Light

Your weary heart draws near to Divine Source for comfort. How very wise of you!Your distressed eyes seek the Light of

The Flow and Glow

As a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis it must wait to fly until after it's wings unfold and dry. How does

Truly Resting

You are walking in the Light, Dear One.Your journey may feel dark because there, indeed, is darkness in your world. Just

Your Light-Walk

Your sacred path leads you - not away from your challenges - but through them. You may feel as if you

Awakened Peace

Your ascension path leads you into Hope. Hope is the positive anticipation of fulfillment of dreams, longings, and desires. Hope is

Buoyancy Hope

Energy is shifting. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you experience it? This shift of energy is happening

Assisting the Unfolding

What is your heart looking forward to happening? What is your mind looking forward to achieving? What is your soul looking

Shifting Perspectives

You will bridge the gap today. There are many gaps of which we speak. Which one will you choose to bridge?There

Bridging the Gap

Note: This message was chanelled in the Spring of 2021. The energy they refer to has now been gifted to us. Your

Energy Particles

We long to share with you the value of your worth. You have great value, Dear One!Yet, you seek your value

Your Faith-Truth

Energy exists around you. Can you sense it?With an open heart, you expanded awareness can sense the energy. Some miss this

A Joyful Nudge

The physical realm and the spiritual realm work together in your behalf. Though they are separate, they are not two separate

The Success Path

It is Spring in the physical world in this time and place that we are speaking with you now. Whether it

Hope Returns

On one hand, it appears that days, hours, moments slip by so very quickly. Things that happened years ago feel like

Re-engage into Joy

Spiritual strengthening comes to you now.This strengthening flows to you directly from Divine Source. This strengthening is easy to receive through

Spiritual Strengthening

Times are changing. It is time to change. Change from what into what? Change from what you are not into what

Breathe and Grow

An intuitive wisdom now flows to you. This wisdom extends beyond memory or learned experiences. This wisdom is Divinely sent. This

Wisdom of Light