Happy New Year! Drum Healing. Darryl Morrison leads us in releasing and receiving for the New Year. Includes guided meditation: Receiving

Church Services 12-31-23

Let's reclaim our Peace! Includes guided meditation: At the Manger.

Church Services 12-24-23

Paula Ramirez Prokopenko shares: The Power of Love.  The Affirmation is below this video.   You can listen to the music

Sunday Services 12-17-23

I love you, I love me not. Guest Speaker Areta Meek shares insights about self love. Guided meditation by Keri Hendrix

Church Services 12-10-23

Can't Touch This! The Power of Peace. Making peace and keeping it! Steps for creating and apology are below the video.

Church Services 12-3-23

Drumming Sunday. Darryl Morrison leads us in drumming! Followed by a guided meditation: Eagle Grandfather. Many blessings!

Church Services

Joy + Awareness = Gratitude.  Let's use joy and awareness to ramp up our gratitude out of duty and into blessings!

Church Services 11-19-23

Areta Meek shares insights about overcoming anxiety and worry and tapping into bliss through surrender and release. Guided meditation: Journey to

Church Services 11-12-23

26th Anniversary. Honoring 26 years of The Divine Fellowship and looking forward. Focusing on the White Light meditation for healing, clarity

Church Services 11-5-23

Clear the Fear. Our fears reveal our hidden powers. Take a new look in a new way! Walk in the Woods

Church Services 10-29-23

The Grid. In today's service we journey to The Grid to help us with prayers, guidance and manifesting. Guided meditation: The

Church Services 10-22-23

Keri Hendrix shares insights about Self-Compassion!! Guided Meditation: The Marketplace. Have a blessed week - may it be filled with self-compassion!

Church Services 10-15-23

Reclaim your joy. Guest Speaker Areta Meek reminds us to play and be joyful! Followed by guided meditation: Eagle's Flight May

Church Services 10-08-23

Let's Reconnect! Feeling disconnected? You are not alone! Here's some tips and techniques to help reconnect spiritually. Includes guided meditation with

Church Services 10-01-23

Spinal Crystals.  Clearing out the energetic circuits in the spine. Based on a visionary experience, this information helps us get clear,

Church Services 9-24-23

7 Planets Retrograde! Part 2. Follow up of remaining planets that are in "retrograde" and discussion of making the most of

Church Services 9-17-23

Whose child are you, anyway? Guest Speaker Areta Meek shares insights with us. Guided meditation: The County Fair. Guided meditation: The

Church Services 9-10-23

Yikes! 7 Planets Retrograde! Let's talk about how to navigate the retrograde energy happening now! Guided meditation: To The Beach!

Church Services 9-3-23

Cranial Crystal Circuitry. What filters your perceptions? Let's get clear and see the truth of our own value and of our

Church Services 8-27-23

Janice shares how to balance rocks.  This was published in 2013 and remains a favorite!

Rock Balancing

Filling in the Gap and Rock Balancing. Do you have a vision for your own future? If there are gaps between

Church Services 8-20-23