Being Free! Let's really find freedom! Includes guided meditation: Let's Go Fishin'!

Church Services 7-9-23

IDK . . . TBD!  I had lots to share today but didn't know where it's all was going, so the

Church Services 7-2-23

Church services 6/25/23. Guest speaker Beth Clark shares a message of JOY along with a crystal grid reading and meditation. We

Church Services 6-25-23

Sunday Services 6/17/23 - Drumming Sunday led by Darryl Morrison. The audio for the guided meditation blanked out on us. Don't

Church Services 6-18-23

Just Ask.  (We apologize that the camera turned off. The audio still provides the full services.) Just ask - sometimes we

Church Services 6-11-23

Manifesting Healing of Your Life. Let's talk some more about manifesting. Areta shares her manifesting story. Includes guided meditation: The Ethereal

Church Services 6-4-23

Make it Great with an acknowledgement of Memorial Day and those who served as well as loved ones passed. More tips

Church Services 5-28-23

Can you see it from here?  Can you see your goals/hopes/dreams from here? Today's message holds a tip for ramping up

Church Services 5-21-23

Happy Mother's Day! Let's create Personal Healing Directives to assist with self healing. Creating Personal Healing Directives and ringing these directives

Church Services 5-14-23

Manifesting Health.  Janice shares a process using Healing Directives to assist us in co-creating health and healing utilizing the Golden Light. 

Church Services 5-7-23

Tips for Manifesting.  Tips for Manifesting because manifesting can be tricky! Here are a few helpful hints. Includes guided meditation: Meadow

Church Services 4-30-23

Manifesting a Blessed LIfe. Ramping up our ability to manifest what our hearts desire through utilizing our Divine Connection. Includes a

Church Services 4-23-23

A Blessed Life. Includes guided meditation: Meadow, The affirmation: I am seeking a blessed life through awareness of my Divine Connection.

Church Services 4-16-23

Easter Services 2023. Includes a Easter Clearing Process. Many blessings! Love to you all!

Church Services 4-9-23

Expo Services 2023. Sunday Services at Healing Light Expo! Includes a process of Healing with Light.

Church Services 4-2-23

The Gift You Are - discover your gift! Includes meditation: Beach Sunset. See the interpretation below the video.Beach Sunset Meditation interpretation:

Church Services 3-26-23

SAGE DAWN Process. Guest Speaker Beth Clark shares a Divinely inspired process to help us manifest the happy life we seek.

Sunday Services 3-19-23

Primary Heavenly Directive for Happiness. Translating Mt 22:36- 40 - to A divine suggestion that brings us happiness and that happiness

Sunday Services 3-12-23

Choose Happy! Includes guided meditation "The Tulip Fields" Whatever gets you blocked or shut down, prayer turns the lights back on!

Church Services 3-5-23

Overcoming adversity. Taylor shares her amazing story of healing. Doctors said she would never walk again and she is walking! Then

Church Services 2-26-23

The Harmony Orb - an assistance on our Ascension Path. Includes guided meditation to receive the Harmony Orb.

Church Services 2-19-23