Phil offers blessings to each attendee (and those watching) and Janice brings a guided meditation "Shaman's Awakening". There was a glitch

Church Services 4-24-22

Easter Services - Living a Blessed Life. Jesus was the greatest life coach. Here are a few of his techniques for

Church Services 4-17-22

Drumming Sunday and a Spirit Animal guided meditation. Ted Andrews is a great source for learning the meanings of your Spirit

Church Services 4-10-22

Healing Codes #8 - Kindness.  Based Loosely on Dr. Alexander Loyd's Healing Codes. Scroll below this video to see a list

Church Services 4-3-22

Power Shift - Shifting from trusting in our own might to leaning on Divine power of Love. Pink Balloon Process (see

Church Services 3-27-22

Techniques and tools to help self and others who are empathic to live free and clear!

Church Services 3-20-22

Working Through that One. More. Thing. . . . plus guided meditation to Hawaii.  Techniques for overcoming that time when one

Church Services 3-13-22

Focusing our Patience - A Powerful process for reducing pain.  Based loosely on Dr. Alex Loyd's Healing Codes in combination with

Church Services 3-6-22

Breaking Down the Walls + Nature Trail guided meditation. Roy Bowman guides us through Breaking Down the Walls from the book

Church Services 2-27-22

2 minute whine (with compassionate response) + Sacred Vows + Guided meditation with winged beings. I was led elsewhere other than

Church Services 2-20-22

A Clean Heart - with Guided Meditation - HeartFire! Let's get clear and shine brightly! Scroll below for interpretation of guided

Church Services 2-13-22

Healing Sunday. Healing Code #6 -  Receiving the power and blessing of peace.  You can find more information about the Healing

Church Services 2-6-22

The Anchor Point of Hope.  Experience a way-cool process to access Hope and Spiritual guidance!Your message from Holy Spirit:Angel Tapestry –

Sunday Services 1-30-22

Prayers of Power and a guided meditation to the Mystic Mountains.  Roy Bowman shares with us the kinds of prayers we

Church Services 1-23-22

The Heart of Love. Releasing a troubled heart and restoring the Heart of Love. Meditation to the old mansion. Interpretation is

Church Services 1-16-22

Vault of Divine Love. Meditation based upon a "Dream" I experienced earlier this week. Symbolism Revealed Below.  Symbolism Revealed:1. Left Combination

Church Services 1-9-22

Healing Codes #5 - Joy, plus Divine Blessing for Baby Vibra. This year's moto: Do something new in 2022!! Here is our

Church Services 1-2-22

Speaking the Languages of Love (based on Gary Chapman's book The Five Love Languages of Love). This meditation was an actual

Church Services 12-26-21

Following the Thread of Love through time into the here and now. Includes a guided meditation to the Sacred Loom.Guided Meditation

Church Services 12-19-21

 Hope's Bright Star - reclaiming and re-awakening our hope. Meditation exploring a cave with a twist. Interpretation below.  Star of Hope

Church Services 12-12-21

Based upon Dr. Alex Loyd's Healing Codes - #4 The Love Code.  Using Healing Code #4 - The Love Code to

Church Services 12-5-21