The Healing Power of Hope - includes a guided meditation: Journey to the Void. What is your heart's desire? Select a

Church Services 8-28-22

Finding your Roots.  Guided Meditation to the Cave of Light (interpretation below video). Passages used: Psalms 37:7 – Do not fret Ephesians 3:17 –

Church Services 8-21-22

Taking Courage. Meditation to an Island (see the interpretation below video) Island Meditation by Janice Lynch 1. The color of the

Church Services 8-14-22

Healing Codes #9 Goodness and Review, Based on Alexander Lloyd's books. Includes healing techniques and a meditation to a meadow of

Church Services 8-7-22

Guest Speaker Andrea Hopkins walks us through the Hawaiian process of forgiveness Ho'oponopono. She also guides us through guided meditation to

Church Services 7-31-22

Refresh. Refreshment for the soul! includes a guided meditation: At the Beach. Enjoy!!

Church Services 7-24-22

Drumming Sunday! Interpretation of the guided meditation symbols below video. Blessing + Sacred Directive Obsidian Knife = spiritual protection + cut

Church Services 7-17-22

What Is Your Cosmic Cushion? Discernment rather than Judgment. The grace that comes to us as a "Cosmic Cushion" to support

Church Services 7-10-22

Divine Self-Empowerment.  Based loosely on Dr. Alexander Loyd's Healing Codes #12 - Balancing our energy with self directedness guided by Divine

Church Services 7-3-22

When Paths Diverge.  In these trying times our relationships may be changing. Here is a technique to help us honor that

Church Services 6-26-22

Father's Day blessing plus a Guided Meditation to visit the Master Craftsman (the interpretation is  below the video). Guided Meditation Interpretations:1.

Church Services 6-19-22

Stepping into our role as Light-Bringers. Plus guided meditation to the Sacred Pool.

Church Services 6-12-22

Humility. Based loosely on Dr. Alex Loyd's Healing Codes #11 - Humility (Gentleness) and creating balanced self-confidence.

Church Services 6-6-22

Remembering and being remembered. How do you want to be remembered? This is your soul's truth. Live this truth. Not the

Church Services 5-29-22

Guest Speaker Jackie Basche talks about finding gratitude even in hard times. Meditation to a beautiful forest meadow. 

Church Services 5-22-22

Guest Speaker Roy Bowman compares the Law of the Old Testament to the Power of Grace in the New Testament. Meditation

Church Services 5-15-22

Drumming followed by a "Sacred Rose" guided meditation. Hope you have a lovely day!

Church Services 5-8-22

Trust. Loosely based upon Dr. Alex Loyd's book/workbook - Healing Codes. We discuss Trust and receive it for healing purposes. Verses

Church Services 5-1-22

Phil offers blessings to each attendee (and those watching) and Janice brings a guided meditation "Shaman's Awakening". There was a glitch

Church Services 4-24-22

Easter Services - Living a Blessed Life. Jesus was the greatest life coach. Here are a few of his techniques for

Church Services 4-17-22

Drumming Sunday and a Spirit Animal guided meditation. Ted Andrews is a great source for learning the meanings of your Spirit

Church Services 4-10-22