Welcome to the Path of Sacred B*tch Oracle Cards.

We are tired of being weak. Yet, strong women (and men) are often portrayed as angry, mean, or aggressive. That’s not much fun.  What if we could speak our truth in a way that people hear us and respect us?

What if we could walk a sacred path without falling into either compliance (weakness) or hostility (aggression)? We can!  We can walk a sacred path of clarity and grace and do so with a lot of fun!  These Oracle Cards with guidance from A to Z can assist you along the way.

You may have a question or a challenge you are facing right now. Open your heart to hear a new insight. Request guidance from Divine Source.

Shuffle these cards by clicking the shuffle button as many times as feels right for you.  Intuitively select 2 (or more) cards. 

See how the cards speak to your situation. How does the message guide you on your path?

The Path of the Sacred B*tch e-book by Janice Lynch is available on Amazon.  

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