There exists super powers and sacred energies that assist us on our sacred path.  These super powers and sacred energies are tools we can tap into and receive their blessing. They are granted to us effortlessly and abundantly. All it takes is paying attention and living with intention. We can use them individually or intermingle certain ones to create specific benefits. They are a gift and joyful blessing.

The cards below are a way for gaining life insights using these super powers and sacred energies. 

To start, focus on a particular situation. Then pick your card below to find your Super Power that will assist you in your situation. Below the card there will be an explanation of the super power you selected and how it combines with six various sacred energies (love, peace, joy, etc.) to provide even greater assistance. You can intuitively select your Sacred Energy or use the "Find Your Sacred Energy Number" tool at the bottom of the page.

Your Super Power (Pick Your Card From the Deck Below)

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