Happy anniversary, Divine Fellowship! 25 Years! Wow!

Phil and I had no idea what was in store for us when we birthed the idea of The Divine Fellowship. We just wanted a safe place to look at spiritual stuff. We just wanted to hang out with positive people. We just wanted spiritual life to be fun, and practical! We just wanted faith and metaphysical awareness. We just wanted to have Jesus without the guilt-ridden contribution basket. Was it too much to ask?

Well, apparently so, because we couldn't find what we were looking for. A friend suggested we start our own church. We laughed. No mere mortal could do that. We kept searching. Well, then . . . What would it take to start our own church. Phil did some digging and researched the idea.

So, okay, it’s doable, but where would we meet? Our house was way too small. We mentioned it to someone in our work world who had a conference room. You are NOT going to believe this, but he said he had promised God to help some church get started. He was humbled that we sought him out as our first choice.

Our first services had 18 people in that conference room. We met there for almost a year. One Sunday, the weather was just spectacular after a cold winter and windy spring. Phil said, “I’ve got half a mind for us to take our chairs outside for services.” To our astonishment, everybody grabbed a chair and hauled it outside! The birds were chirping up a storm in the nearby trees. The property was right near the river and the day was bright and clear. During the guided meditation, I suggested that we send our requests to Creator on the wings of the birds. The birds stopped singing and were silent for a long moment. (I was totally blown away!) Then I suggested that the birds will bring back a message for Divine Source and the birds began chirping again in a boisterous chorus of song. It was truly remarkable! Almost miraculous! Shortly after this, a white dove flew down through the audience and perched on the nearby fence. I’ve seen a lot of doves around here, but this one was not the usual grey, it was WHITE. It sat there through the rest of the services and remained on the fence while we chatted amongst ourselves. It stayed until we started taking the chairs back inside.

Holy Wow!!! What a delight to experience Divine Presence in these ways.

Our purpose for The Divine Fellowship has been, from the very beginning, Joy, Enlightenment, and Spiritual Sanctuary. Those are the things that Phil and I needed then and still do. I hope these are the things that you are looking for and have found with us as well.

“We don’t care WHAT you believe. We care THAT you believe,” like Phil says. He and I don’t always agree on spiritual concepts. Yet, we agree that Love is the key.

Whatever brough you here—either through the physical doors or joining us online—we thank you for joining us! People come and people go. It can be really sad and yet, we know that sometimes we are the steppingstone and sometimes we are the solid ground. Whether you stay awhile and move on or share your journey with us, it’s as it needs to be—a blessing for us all.

Where do we go from here? God only knows. Whatever direction we go, whatever new things we try, Joy, Enlightenment, and Spiritual Sanctuary will be the anchor points from here.

Just as the birds hushes and then sang, just as that white dove flew in and stayed with us, Divine Spirit joins us in our services. It is our hope, Phil’s and mine and the Board of Directors– Nancy and May, Beth, Roy and Carol, Mary Lou, and Jackie—it is our hope that you flourish within the blessed energy here at our sweet little church.