The following is an article written by Janice Lynch in 2016.  

Sometimes our fear about a psychic’s abilities keeps us from utilizing their talents. We fear they may somehow know secrets or wield power over us in some way. To set you mind at ease, here are some things a psychic just cannot do.

1. We cannot read your mind or “see” your secrets.

It’s true that we can get on the same wavelength and “know” words and concepts that hold significance for a client. Recently a client came in and I heard the Star Spangled Banner playing in my ear. When I asked about it, he said he was from Canada. We both laughed. Our guides were helping us connect immediately.

What happens here is this: As a psychic, I tune in to Divine Source and become open. In this openness, my angels and guides connect with my client’s angels and guides. Together they send words, pictures, sounds tastes and other impressions that connect us and bring information through that is helpful and often profound.

That fear of someone knowing your thoughts or reading your mind makes people tense up which throws up blocks for the reading. Yes, in a great reading a psychic can tune into what Spirit (Divine Source) would have you know in spite of any blocks caused by tension and, as a result, offer keen insights for you. (Reading through blocks makes the session really hard work for the reader! You may as well relax and enjoy! That state of being helps the process.)

If you have secrets, we won’t usually pick them up unless you are ready to deal with them. If a psychic picks up on something you’ve got hidden away, it’s because your soul is ready to clear out that stuff. You are ready? Relax. Trust the process. A great reader isn’t here to judge or shame, but rather bless and clear.

2. A psychic cannot tell the future.


A psychic can tell you “a” future but not “the” future. What!?! The future is fluid. If a psychic sees an outcome, that’s with the understanding that things are on course – without change. Should you change your mind, change your heart, change your actions . . . the future changes, too. The good news is, if you don’t like the result or outcome the psychic suggests, you have the opportunity to make some changes. This is the perfect opportunity to ask the psychic for insights on HOW you could change yourself and what actions might lead to a different result.

3. A psychic cannot tell you what to do.

Certainly, in a reading you’ve asked for a psychic’s guidance. Their insights might provide helpful options, tools and clarity. Truth is, the future – your future, your life – is your own. No one can tell you what to do. (Well, they can try. Who likes to be told what to do? Not me!)

Sometimes messages come to a psychic with a great deal of urgency. That urgency may generate a pressure that the psychic responds to by issuing directives - telling you what to do.

Any classes that I teach regarding psychic development, I encourage the use of terms like, “you might want to consider . . .” “It would be helpful for you to . . .” “If it were me I might do this . . .” or “One thing that might be helpful would be . . .” These comments keep the psychic humble and aware of each person’s own personal power of choice.

Saying, “you need to do this or that” or “you should do this other thing” removes personal power. Telling someone else what they should do diminishes one’s ability to listen to their own heart.

That’s the real source of power – the heart. Not the feelings that get injured, but the heart-of-hearts that knows the truth. When you know in your heart to do a thing, it gets done. When we act because someone said to do so, our actions are not empowered and probably won’t work anyway.

Whatever actions a psychic might encourage you to do – check in with your own heart-of-hearts. Does it ring true for you? It may be uncomfortable because it’s a bit different than your normal actions, but you will feel the truth of it if it’s right for you. Just because it feels different doesn’t make it right or wrong for you. Sit with it. Let your heart ponder on it. If it begins to resonate with you then consider it. Trust your heart-of hearts. Often you will “know” instantly that the guidance is right for you.

4. A psychic cannot fix you, your relationship, your work situation, or your life.

A psychic can and does offer insights for clarity. Armed with those insights, you can take action that can shift your world. Armed with information like: What my partner needs from me right now; what lesson this job is bringing to me to learn; what life lesson is being activated at this time - these allow insights for clarity. With clarity comes clear action. With clear action comes change and with change comes a relief from being stuck or overwhelmed.

Often people utilize a psychic reading because they get all bunched up about what’s going on and they can’t see the forest for the trees. A psychic can show you. At work, your lesson seems to be to learn all you can and be ready to move on. Or, your relationship hasn’t had sufficient fun (or communication/or time) to sustain itself. One thing you could do to improve the fun/communication/time together would be . . .

The insights may be simple yet powerful and just what you really needed to hear to help clear your thinking and put you back on track. Again, YOU do the fixing. Your change in attitude, awareness and actions bring about change in your world. Utilize the powerful insights offered to discover a new way for yourself. That’s where the real “fix-it” comes from.

5. A psychic cannot have power over you.

A psychic may be creepy accurate in the insights and spooky profound in their guidance, but they cannot have power over you.

You are buying a service and that draws the line in the sand. If a psychic tells you that you have to come back for more readings . . . RUN!! This person may utilize your fears to pad their bank account. At the same time, not all that needs to be addressed may get addressed in one session. YOU decide if you would like additional sessions for additional subjects.

You have the power in your own life. Yes, sometimes we feel powerless when we get overwhelmed and stuck. A really good psychic helps you get unstuck by showing you the situation clearly and offering insight and options. Just because you may feel a bit creeped out because of their keen insights when you haven’t told them your life story doesn’t mean they have power over you. A clear reading does not take your power. A clear reading empowers you in your own life.

Bottom Line:

Through their connection to Divine Source, a psychic offers amazing insights to assist you in finding clarity, shifting your thinking, and moving forward. Relax and trust the process. Trust your heart-of-hearts to resonate truth for you. Ponder, consider and take the guidance offered as it fits for you.

May your journey be blessed!