Feast upon the Love we share with you. Your souls hunger for a taste of this. Life attempts to teach you that you are not lovable or that love is ever distant as you strive to earn it.

The Love we share with you is free. The Love we share with you is without end. The Love we share with you sustains your soul.

Certainly, a clear soul can receive more of this Love. An open heart-of-hearts can experience more of this Love. An open awareness can perceive more of this Love. It blesses you to be clear, open and aware, yet this Love is based not upon the condition of your being but rather upon the unlimited delight of Divine Source.

We are not your middle man. You can access this Love directly. However, sometimes it helps to sit at the feet of one(s) who know this Love first hand. Not because we are anything special, it is rather that our joy and enthusiasm for sharing it makes it easier for you to perceive.

When a small child awaits Christmas morning (or another holiday based upon your beliefs) it is the enthusiasm of the parents and older siblings that grant that child an awareness of what is to come. A sweet anticipation is engendered from one to another.

So it is with this Love. We share in it with you in equal measure. We are no better than you nor are we more divine than you. We merely have been experiencing it a bit longer and have much gratitude and joy to share with you about this.

This Love we speak of offers you open doors that otherwise would be closed. This Love guides and protects you as you walk your Ascension Path. This Love is a resonance and harmonic that sustains and blesses you.

There are many ways to access this Love.

For now, let us bring it to you.

Allow yourself a quiet moment as you read this. A gentle breath may assist you. As you see these words on the paper. Bring your focus to the word LOVE.


As your eyes return to the word, we bring to you a gentle wash of this loving energy. Allow yourself to feel it wash over you and through you. This Love is a piece of your divine nature and reminds you of your value to us and to Divine Source.

Notice the word again. Again receive this gift.