Energy exists around you. Can you sense it?

With an open heart, you expanded awareness can sense the energy. Some miss this sensing because it is subtle and they think it should feel more like a shock or a push.

Truth is, the energy we wish for you to sense is very light. It may even feel like nothing, yet maybe there was something there. It may feel like a breeze across your hands or it may feel like what you thought might have been a whisper of a breeze across your hands.

If you think you sensed it, you did!

The more you tune yourself into this subtle energy the easier it is to sense. Self doubt will be your biggest deterrent. Once you begin to sense these energies, it will be far easier for us (along with your angels, guides and Divine Source) to send you a nudge of guidance.

To sense this guidance, be still for a moment and ask for it. "Show me my next step," you might say. Or, "which step will bless my path." Or, what would be good for me to know about this . . . or that?"

Then, be still and notice what comes up into your awareness. The nudge may appear to be a recalling of something left behind. The nudge may be a quick flash of something you own. The nudge may be a startling new insight.

Be still with whatever appears. Often the moment you perceive it, you will intuitively know your next step or the direction to take or the answer to your question. This intuitive insight is called discernment.

You are learning to master the tool of discernment. Ciphering out what the clue/guidance/nudge means to you. You may ask others their opinion, yet our guidance is specific to your life to this point. You have experienced things no one else has. You recognize what others may not perceive. Trust your inner wisdom as you learn to recognize it and follow it.

You may not have much experience with this or feel as if you cannot yet trust your inner wisdom. Yet, your inner wisdom is subconscious derived and Divinely inspired. The only way to develop trust is to take action on the nudge. It may not give you the result you expected, but it will give you the result best for you now.

You will notice that stillness at each stage is vital. One need not traipse up a mountain and sit for hours. A simple moment of being-ness is all that is necessary. You will find the ask, nudge, insight process delightful. It is fun to receive guidance in this way. It is fun for us to give you a nudge. What a joy!

Let the joy abound!