So, I accidentally clicked a couple of buttons thinking I was going to capitalize something . . . Instead, all the print got really BIG! If I could remember what I did, I could reverse it. But, alas, I was on auto-pilot, so I have not idea. Now I have to look it up and figure it out, but what a pain!

At least once I do that I will have learned something and hopefully can repeat the process when I choose to have bigger print. I’m ageing up, that could become important to me.

Isn’t that how our lives work?

We accidentally do something we hadn’t intended and then have to fix it. I think sometimes those accidents aren’t accidents. Sometimes I think those things are blessings in disguise! I would never have considered enlarging the view. I would have squinted.


Because we don’t know what we don’t know.

When life throws something at us, we are being shown something new or different. Without this new view, we would keep on doing what we are doing exactly the same way we always have. There may be 10 different ways to do something better, but, for us, we choose to do what we know because learning is so hard.

Is it? Is learning hard?

Sometimes, yes! Sometimes, no. Learning is hardest when we are stuck in our old ways. True? When we are looking for a better way and something presents itself, its really easy to try, because we are open and ready for that which is new!

When we are accustomed to how it is, we don’t look for a better way. It’s our way or the hi-way, right? Yup. We humans would rather struggle along that try something new. Because we might fail. We might not do it “right” or perfectly the first time.

And yet, failure is the beauty of learning. We can let that attempt go because it didn’t work for us. Instead, we get discouraged and forget to try something else. It takes great courage to step out of same-ol’ same-ol’.

So how does one access courage? Often courage is thrown at us when the option of giving up isn’t available. My computer screen view was HUGE. Two words and the page would shift! Totally unworkable! My options were struggle or find a better way.

With the fear of failure far less in energy than the HUGE WORDS IN MY FACE, courage happened. Even if I screwed something up, that’s better than what I was experiencing!

Was that courage or was that desperation? Sometimes courage is both! Courage isn’t the lack of fear, it’s the willingness to move beyond fear to a different outcome.

I bet you are facing something or some things right now that you don’t want to face. Yet, you will. You will find the courage and you will find the better way, the clearer path.

Courage is already there. Courage awaits your awareness.

Sometimes things have to get HUGE IN OUR FACE before we can see it’s time to take a new look. With that new look comes a new path. You can and will walk it with courage. It’s already there.