For now, in this moment, you are more powerful than you know. Past experiences have attempted to teach you that you are unworthy or you are not supported. That may have been true for you then. Is it true for you now?

Take a new look at your perceptions about your self. Your true self. Your true self senses a level of support and blessings on a whole new level. Do you have a sense of this? 

This support doesn't do the work for you, nor does it shelter you from your journey. Rather, this support allows you the power of choice in this moment to honor your self and thereby take action that supports your true self.

Let us say this another way: When you honor your self, the Universe honors you. When you fall prey to fear and self loathing, the Universe lovingly waits for your awareness to return.

Let us say this another way. When you do what is uplifting to you, Divine Source, the Angelic Realms, and those of us who comprise the Ancient Ones, uplift you and assist you with serendipitous moments of grace and bliss. When you deny your divine nature, we simply wait with loving attention until your awareness clears. At that moment we cheer and search for ways to uplift you, support you, care for you, and assist your journey.

How does one honor one's self?  Pay attention to your heart-of-hearts and take action accordingly. 

If your heart's not in an action you feel necessary, look again with your heart-of-hearts. Either find worth in the action or refrain from it. Do not confuse your emotions in this choice. Your emotions may feel whiny and irritated because they may only be looking for glory or instant gratification. 

Look again with the part of you that knows honor. This part of you finds joy and blessings even in the most mundane of activities.

It is within this threshold of honor that we walk with you. Rather, we (and all the heavenly realms) rejoice with you when you allow our presence to attend your actions. 

We hope you feel this support as you walk your path of honor this moment, this day, this lifetime.

We walk with you.