The energy you seek is already here.

The love you seek is already here.

The light you seek is already here.

The joy you seek is already here.

The grace you seek is already here.

The abundance you seek is already here.

The power you seek is already here.

The key is accessing this energy, love, light, joy, grace, abundance and power that is already here. You are already touching it. Do you have a sense of this? By just noticing that you are seeking it, it appears in your awareness.

Notice this again. Reach out with your awareness to sense these qualities you seek. You can sense power and abundance can you not? Even if you do not own this in your own perceptions as yet. You can sense grace, joy, light and love can you not? Even if you feel as if these qualities are not yet yours. This is one level of awareness.

There are two levels of this awareness. The second level and more powerful level is found within your heart-of-hearts. This level is already connected to the Infinite Source of that which you seek. Your heart-of-hearts contains a link to this level.

Now look inward. Look within your heart-of-hearts. Notice the connection link to Divine Source abides here. When you pray you access this connection link. When you meditate, you access this connection link. When you serve with love, you access this connection link. When you create, you access this connection link. Remember how it feels to lose track of time when you are involved thusly? Remember how it feels blissful? Remember how it feels, well, powerful beyond your own will and intent? This is because you are accessing a Power Greater Than Yourself - you are floating within God-space in those moments.

Now, bring to remembrance a time when you were beyond time. By remembering, you bring yourself back into that sacred connection once again. Notice how it feels and where it feels within your being. Perhaps your heart. Perhaps your core. Perhaps your mind. Perhaps your whole being. Notice this.

Now request this sacred connection be amplified. You will feel your whole being open up further into this sacred connection. As you open up further, more power, abundance, grace, joy, light, love and energy flow into you. You may even experience goose bumps just reading this. If you are actually processing this as your are reading, you will feel the amplification of these qualities immediately.

This is just touching the surface of what is available to you. Once you access this - and it may take a bit of practice to step out of worry, fear and lack and into this sacred connection - this can be further amplified by requesting it to be amplifies and allowing it to do so.

The result will be discovery. You will discover new avenues of abundance. You will access power for healing and blessing self and others. You will be amazed at the level of grace gifted to you. You will access a whole new level of joy, light and love as well as access to a higher vibration of energy.

What will you do with this energy? You will be led to be of greater service once you claim the love, light, and joy that is already yours to claim. You will be blessed with honor, peace, and insight once you claim the grace, abundance, and power that is already yours to claim.

Are you ready to receive this? Allow yourself the opportunity to seek and find and you will be blessed beyond your imagination.

We take great joy in helping you in this journey. Blessings to you, Dear One.