Recently, I had a lengthy vision.  It lasted almost 2 hours.  I had been sound asleep and was awakened at 11:20 by . . . well, whatever.  This vision played out in my head and was narrated by Spirit.  The voice was calming and yet powerful - sweet and yet curious.  When I looked at the clock again, it was 1:15.  Of course, I was so excited by the vision that I thought I'd never get back to sleep - Spirit took care of that, too and I was back to sleep in moments.

I shared this visionary experience with The Divine Fellowship and will share the video here.  What I want you to know is that this visionary journey may be really powerful for you.  This time of year, we get caught up in hustle and bustle of the season.  The weather can be unpredictable at best and down right nasty at worst.  It's easy to view things from a negative perspective . . . things we could have done, should have done, liked to do but cannot do at this time, what we hoped from others that didn't happen, and when what we experienced didn't line up with our hopes.  All of these things can weigh upon our hearts.

I hope you take a few minutes and take in the video.  The first part of the video is our regular church silliness/jokes and laughter.  When we take the time to laugh, we reset our energy fields and recenter into our heartspace.  Laughter takes us there, so I hope you take a few moments to enjoy that as well.

As you follow the Visionary Journey of A Droplet, I hope you allow yourself to feel the journey.  Allow yourself to feel the presence of Spirit here.  You may notice that when I'm sharing the vision, my progression of thought and choice of words come easily.  When I'm just talking, I stumble for words.  Spirit is here in this journey.  

May this bless you as much as it blessed me. 

After you finish this video, you may wish to visit the Divine Fellowship YouTube page and take the guided meditation "To the Grotto"