Phil got us a gazebo structure for a new seating area we are creating in our back yard. Those scorching hot days last year taught us that the other side of the yard was cooler than any other spot on the property. When Phil went out to set up the structure, he was having trouble. He’d get one leg set up straight and as soon as he’d touch another leg to straighten it out, the whole structure would shift. We discovered that when I held the first leg in a solid position, he could get the next leg straight without the first one shifting. Once we had one anchor point secure, he could proceed to the next.

So it is with our lives spiritually speaking. When we don’t have anchor points, we shift with the winds of change and don’t hold fast to our original purpose or plan. Let’s face it, there are lots of change-winds blowing right now. Politically, globally, energetically, emotionally . . . Pretty much on all levels of our lives.

We expect ourselves to be joyful, resilient, and confident, yet we cannot access those qualities when we are blown about by disruption and dismay.

Our gazebo has four legs to support the covered top. I would encourage us all to create at least three anchor points to our lives. Faith. Focus. And Intent.

Faith: I don’t care what you believe. I care THAT you believe. What spiritual truths support your journey right now? Don’t know? Ponder this for a bit. God is Love. Maybe our personal definition of love feels painful or full of judgment because that’s what has been offered to us in the name of love. Might be time to rethink that definition and realign to the truth that there is a Loving Presence that delights in us and supports us as we walk our sacred path. Without this anchor point of faith, nothing else is going to support us fully. No amount of determination or resolve will carry us through.

Once we can lock on to this anchor point of Truth—our faith, the next anchor points will support our journey.

Focus: Where shall we aim our focus? Shall we focus on the injustices or focus on the solution to those injustices? We may still be mindful of the injustices, yet we are no longer burdened by them or controlled by them. We are free to search for the answers. We are free to be creative. We are free to be open to new insights. We are free to be Divinely guided on a sacred path. What is your Focus Anchor Point?

Intent: We get to choose what we intend to do with ourselves. Shall we react to the world around us with fear and anxiety? Or shall we choose to be of service for good? Our intent is like setting our sail. What direction do we choose to go? This intent is less determined by the mind and more determined by the heart. The heart-of-hearts knows the truth of who we are (loving beings who came here to make a difference) and our intent clarifies our purpose and the direction we choose to take. I intend to be encouraging. I intend to make people feel appreciated. I intend to find a better way to do that task. I intend to walk an honorable path. I intend to take steps for freedom, justice or fairness. What will you choose?

Once the Anchor Points of Faith, Focus, and Intent lock in, there is strength, hope, and willingness to take action. Go for it!!