Your Ascension Journey may take you places that don't feel very high in vibration or those places may feel as if they are bereft of blessing. Truth is, your Ascension Journey allows you to bring this Ascension energy to places that have not yet experienced it - or they have not yet remembered it.

As you move through your life and through your world, you emit your Ascension energy as you go. Ones that are ready to be uplifted receive this energy and begin their journey. Ones that are not yet ready to receive, merely drift through the energy without noticing. They may not notice, yet this Ascension energy flows with them, waiting to be noticed.

Whether others receive this Ascension energy or not is not your concern. There are spiritual beings at work that assist each person on this planet as they journey through life. These spiritual beings do not exert force upon any human will. Instead, they await the opportunity of choice. When a person chooses to find a better way, there is immediate help and assistance.

You have probably heard tales of people at their very worst discovering the Light of Love and the hope of a brighter future. Perhaps you are living this very thing! We applaud your choice! As you may know, this choice is a daily choice - a moment to moment choice. Within the breath of each moment lies the opportunity to choose. Within that moment also resides a host of spiritual beings ready to assist.

Do you struggle with discouragement? Spiritual beings of comfort await your willingness to choose out of that discouragement. It may still take a bit of time to move beyond the discouragement, yet with each breath, the discouragement becomes further removed from you. It is as if the spiritual beings step between you and the discouragement giving you space to further let it go. Letting go of discouragement is your choice. You get to choose between discouragement and hope - hope brings courage with it. Courageous hope blocks discouragement from reconnecting. Find hope and enjoy it's power to overcome discouragement.

Do you struggle with boredom? Spiritual beings of curiosity await your willingness to choose to step out of boredom and into your creative awareness.

Do you struggle with physical pain? Spiritual beings of healing await your willingness to choose freedom from pain to focus upon your next step. Pain can and will ease up for you when you shift your focus from the pain into the joy of the next step. Yet, pain tends to isolate and dominate the will. Pain tends to overrule the joy within the heart-of-hearts. Yet, should you choose to observe and honor one thing within your life, you will notice that the pain eases a bit as spiritual beings bring love to widen the gap between you and your physical experience. It seems hard to believe, yet we hope you take your power away from the pain and back into your life. Spiritual beings are right here to assist you. With time, and returning to this process in each moment, pain will continue to lessen and healing comes to you even more quickly.

Whatever your current struggle, know this: you bring the Light of Ascension into this struggle and this shifts things for yourself and for anyone around you. Everything changes when touched by this Ascension Light.

We see your Ascension Light shining within the world. We honor you for this.