A new energy comes to us as a result of a Dream/Vision I recently experienced. In this Dream/Vision instructions for receiving a new energy – an Ascension Harmonic Energy was revealed. A method to receive and maintain this energy was also revealed.

[Go to the end of this article for a video showing how to activate your Ascension Orb.]

This energy comes to us in the form of an energetic orb that stabilizes and supports our energy fields as well as our physical journey.

This energy orb is located below the diaphragm, behind the stomach and in front of the spine. This energy orb exists in the ethereal realms so it does not occupy space in the body.

Colors appear as golden, copper, and red/brown burgundy. Colors swirl and move within and on the surface of this orb.

This orb spins to maintain stability and equilibrium. This acts like a gyroscope with self-stabilizing ability - energetically speaking. No matter how life gets sideways, this is self-righting so that we return immediately to our rightful state of being, and do so effortlessly. Just like turning your phone sideways and the picture self-adjusts to upright. So too, this energy orb allows us to remain upright in all that we do – no matter what life throws at us.

This energetic orb creates a grounding effect immediately which adds to the sense of stability. Energy flows from the orb down into the Earth – effortlessly.

This energetic orb creates alertness and expanded awareness immediately which allows one to think, respond, and access insights all at the same time. This creates a poised awareness that is ready for action without the need for reaction – again, effortlessly. One does not feel as if they are on high alert – rather just attentive and open to insights/Divine Guidance in any situation. This feels like poised expanded awareness.

This energetic orb stabilizes body, mind, emotions, and spirit all at once.

The really wonderful thing about this orb is that its energy contains the harmonic for ascension. Anyone who walks a sacred path with the intent to walk in honor. integrity, and spiritual connection is on an ascension path. This Ascension Orb supports that path. This Ascension Orb protects one from reacting to life’s challenges. On the Ascension Path there exists no need to respond to life or life’s challenges with disdain or with despair. One walks with clarity and ease.

Not only that, this Ascension Orb harmonizes with other Awakened Ascension Orbs. Meaning: Multiple Ascension Orbs harmonize and support one another. Does not create attachments, but rather creates a support system harmonic that further amplifies the Ascension energy for self and others.

Is not limited to time and space. Anyone anywhere on the planet can tap into this Ascension energy and create/be gifted an Ascension Orb.

To awaken the Ascension Orb, just notice it’s there.

Not there? Ask for it to be given to you, then create it in your imagination. If you do not perceive it right away, this does not mean you are not good enough or that someone else is more spiritually advanced if they perceive it right away. Not perceiving it immediately just means that you aren’t noticing it yet. Often we assume we are not good enough and that masks the obvious. Just relax and allow. Probably when you aren’t trying it will pop into your awareness.

To link with another Ascension Orb, ask the Orb to seek its harmonic affiliate and link in. A sense of connectedness without baggage will occur. One does not feel the other person’s life, life choices, or problems – just this energy of the Ascension Harmonic.

To my knowledge, this reception holds the first time this energy exists on this plane of existence. We, The Divine Fellowship, become the starting point and the anchor point for this Ascension Harmonic Energy.

Personally, I felt myself stand taller, feel more in-tune with Spirit, I felt more grounded and stronger.

May this Ascension Orb bless you in all areas of your life. Feel free to share this information!

The video below guides you through the process to activate your Ascension Orb.