You are changing. The world in which you live is changing. People change. The dynamics between people shift and modify. The Earth shifts. Your world re-define's itself in many ways.

Flexibility allows you to yield to these changes without changing your true self. Like the wheat in the field yields to the breeze, but remains wheat. Growing, golden, abundant, and still wheat - not matter how often or how strong the wind might blow.

Who are you really? If the winds of change frighten you, you have not yet claimed your true self. Perhaps you define yourself as "A child of Light" or "The offspring of Love" or "A sacred being of Light" . . . what and how might you define your true self? "A kind person" or perhaps "the one who walks in faith" . . . what words fit for you?

Take time to consider this and claiming words that fit in describing your true self. This action anchors your soul into your true self and strengthens your awareness.

This anchored awareness allows you to walk a path that is undisturbed by the passing winds of change, fear, doubt, distress, or dismay. The winds may change directions or they may change in intensity, but knowing who you really are anchors your awareness and allows you to walk you path of ascension with greater ease and peace.

When walking in this ascension energy - this expanded awareness, you find opportunities to grow, share, learn, assist and be assisted.

We bless you as you search and find your anchoring ascension truth.