Energy is shifting. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you experience it?

This shift of energy is happening for you and by you. You are a part of this great shift. Your intentions from this last year and from previous years has impacted the future that is unfolding.

You do not realize that each day that you decide to life fully sends a beacon of energy into the future to allow the energy of "fully" to unfold for you. Each day you decide to live fearfully sends a beacon out into the future to allow the energy of "holding back" to unfold for you.

Which would you prefer?

There is an art to "planning" for your own future. The art is to hope, dream, set your intent so that manifesting can unfold. The key to this art is to hold on to the hope, dream and intent, without holding on to the outcome. Tricky stuff!

It is normal to want to hold on to the outcome and expect how things should line up for you. Yet, this is counter productive and causes the energy of "holding on and holding back" to unfold - which stops us in our tracks! We cannot assist the future unfolding when you tie our hands with your own expectations.

Yes, we want you to dream and hope - we want you to dream big and hope greatly! Yet, allow us to shift and adjust the dream and hope to even bigger and better things than you can imagine!!

This allows your own expanded awareness to perceive even greater opportunities that a limited mind and heart would miss.

It is easy to feel as if holding on to an expectation or expected outcome would be helpful to you. Yet, even though this is easy, it is not helpful. Have the openness of heart and the openness of mind and the openness of your perceptions to allow more than your expectations can even imagine.

Set your goals and set them free. Set your intent and be with that. Set your dreams and hope for even more! In so doing, you set your own being free to explore, develop and deliver while you allow us to assist in greater measure.

Dream and hope - allow and be blessed. This feeds the unfolding already happening!