Your sacred path leads you - not away from your challenges - but through them. You may feel as if you walk your path alone, yet this is untrue. Your guides, angels, Divine Source walks with you. We also walk with you.

We see the challenges you face. We support you as your journey unfolds. Moments of distress may befall you. This is not failure! It is merely part of the human experience. You return to your awareness more quickly now, do you not?

Yet, sometimes once the path has been diverted it feels difficult to return. There are chemicals in the blood that your body sends to assist you in dealing with stress. It takes time for these to process through . . . even when you have already mentally shifted, it takes the body a bit of time to catch up. It is in this catch up time that you feel as if you are failing. Just breathe through this. Your body and your emotional body along with your mind and your sub-conscious will follow your spiritual choice to be calm. It just takes them a bit longer than your sacred awareness.

Within your sacred awareness, shifts happen instantaneously. Allow the rest of your being to catch up. The stress and high alert signals sent to the body take time to dissipate or deconstruct. They are constructed to protect you, yet they can hinder your journey if you pay heed to them while they are dissipating. Just notice them and allow them their due process. Honor them for their role in keeping you safe. Just know that they are signals that are being dismissed.

It is as if a fire alarm goes off internally when smoke has been detected. Only after the danger has passed can the firemen leave and the alarm be shut down and the workers return to their posts. So, too, your internal alarm system stays active for a bit until the authorities tell you the coast is clear.

Problem is, no one is on duty to call all clear but you. No one else can tell you it's all okay, but you. And when all spun up, the all clear cannot be issued as it doesn't feel all clear.

What can you do?

We have shared with you before the thumb and ring finger tapping together and saying "all clear." This notifies all aspects of your body that, indeed, it is all clear and normal function may resume.

You may have been stuck in high alert for so long, that "All Clear" may not assist you fully. If this is the case, sweep your arms in a swaying fashion around you and speak the words, "Be At Peace". This sends a larger message to the entire being and can assist the shut down of the high alert process more quickly.

As you sway and "Be At Peace" all of your supporting spiritual beings come in close and sweep your energy fields along with your movement. They balance your chemical fields as well. Your stress level will drop quickly.

Do you know what normal feels like? Have you been on high alert so long that "Be At Peace" seem strange? You might wish to do the "Be At Peace" often for a bit. Notice yourself relax into an awakened normal. This awakened normal allows you to notice and be aware without the stress of high alert. This awakened normal allows you to function very effectively without activating the stress chemicals in the body. You will sleep better, eat better, think better and live better.

Be At Peace. We are with you on your journey into awakened peace.