Free time, breaking free, free for all, free fall, - each of these phrases conjure up different feelings associated with an aspect of being free.

Free time—we get to choose the activities or lack of activities that we desire. We have a sense of ease or a sense of joyful anticipation of getting to choose. Or the struggle that comes without structure if we are used to it.

Breaking free—we feel relief from something that has held us back or shut us down. We have a sense of release or liberation of getting rid of something or its attachment to us. Or the anxiety of stepping into the unknown.

Free for all—we revel in fool hardy shenanigans or the thrill of gaining the best deal during a shopping spree. We have a sense of focused intensity or a total lack of focus.

Free fall—we experience the rush of jumping out of an airplane or taking a wild chance without overthinking. Scary for some. Delightful for others.

Most of these aspects of being free are choices. How we respond to them are choices. We can remain stuck in routine, in relationships—or jobs, self imposed restrictions, or unwillingness to take a chance—or, we can make a new choice.

Being free can challenge our thinking and our way of being. Whether we are happy or not, it certainly is easier to stay the same. We get caught up in the “What if’s?”

What if I fail? What if you don’t?

What if I feel discomfort? What if you don’t?

What if I make a mistake? What if you don’t?

What if I can’t go back? What if you never want to go back?

What “what if’s” are at play in your life right now?

There is some benefit in thinking it through and considering the worst outcome and seeing if you could live with that. However, that really doesn’t help free the soul/spirit.

Trust frees the soul/spirit.

Trust in a Higher Power to support and guide the journey. Trust in one’s own inner knowing (which is fed by Divine Source!). Trust in Divine Timing. Trust in ones own conviction and confidence.

Trust requires a deep breath, a silent prayer, and a hope of something better. With Trust, the soul/spirit breaks free from what ever restrictions bind it from joy and fulfillment.

The time is now. Be FREE, dear ones. BE FREE!