Times are changing. It is time to change. Change from what into what? Change from what you are not into what you are becoming. You are already in process.

The key is to stop resisting the process. Resistance is normal, yet not productive. You cannot go back. You can continue doing things the way you used to, yet your inner being is not the same. It will languish under the restrictions of the sameness you are familiar with.

Yet, the changes that we see for you do not require effort nor do they require an entire reset of your life. Certainly, if this is appropriate for you, this is an optimum time for that, yet the changes we refer to are the subtle little changes of perception that make a huge difference in your life and in your world.

These changes of perception are effortless when you perceive from your expanded awareness. These changes of perception are impossible from the limited thinking of lack, force, judgement, and regret.

Take a deep breath. Within that breath lies the opportunity for a shift. Did you feel it? Just noticing the breath allows the shift to happen effortlessly! It is impossible to notice your breath and feel regret. Try it. You can do one or the other. Yet, within noticing the breath, one can notice the brilliance of life unfolding around you. Try it! You can experience both!

This is because noticing the breath engages the expanded awareness which shifts your perceptions. The breath is something you have with you always. Yet, it is easy to slip into shallow breathing and an unaware life, is it not?

Take another deep breath. Notice how your inner being lights up and looks for ways to shift and grow? This is the change happening effortlessly with you and for you. Not to cause you to labor or struggle. May it never be!! Rather, when your inner being lights up and looks for ways to shift and grow, it becomes exciting and joyful. You slip effortlessly into a "wonderment" state of being that activates your expanded awareness even more. You wonder if you could possibly do this or that. You wonder if this or that might be joyful to experience. You wonder if this or that would bless you. And, in this wondering, the energy of this or that is magnetized to you.

One does not shout at a plant to grow. One nurtures it with the appropriate sunlight, moisture, soil, and temperature. Have you been shouting (silently) to yourself to grow up . . . or get over it . . . or stand up for yourself . . . or get brave . . . or . . . ? The technique of force comes from judgment which cuts off the expanded awareness.

Breathe, Dear One. The change happens effortlessly. Breathe and grow into the Sacred One you came here to be.

We see your growth and honor you in this.