Your ascension path leads you into Hope. Hope is the positive anticipation of fulfillment of dreams, longings, and desires. Hope is more than this.

Hope resonates at a powerful frequency that grants you strength and energy. Have you ever felt really down and something changed and you had new found hope? This Hope has a buoyancy effect! Your spirits are uplifted, your awareness is activated, and your energy moves in forward motion.

Notice where your energy is right now. If you are feeling down or stuck, your hope factor is low. Unfortunately, humans place their hopes in the wrong places. Other people, circumstances, finances, luck . . . none of these offer the Buoyancy Hope we are referring to.

How does one acquire the Buoyancy Hope?

Notice where your hope currently sits. Hoping someone else will change? Hoping for some lucky event? Once you notice this, disengage from it by letting it go. By letting it go, we mean reclaim your energy from that. Call it back to yourself. "I see I am placing my hope on that other person's changing behavior. I hereby recall my hope back to my own energy field." You will probably feel lighter the moment you disengage/release!

Once that energy is released, place that hope energy into your energy field about a hands width away from your HeartSpace. Perhaps view this hope as a candle or a lantern or a ball of light.

Now ASK Divine Source to guide you into sacred hopefulness. You will see/sense a thread of light forming between your hope and Divine Source. It may begin at your HeartSpace hope or it may begin from Divine Source. Just notice and sit with this until the hope-link has connected.

Once connected, Divine Source downloads the Buoyancy Hope into your symbolized HeartSpace hope! This Buoyancy Hope knows it is being heard. It knows Divine Source already is acting in its behalf. This Buoyancy Hope knows the flow from Divine uplifts its user. This Buoyancy Hope filters out all distractions and suffering.

Then a thread of light connects this Buoyancy Hope with the Heart-of-Hearts (the HeartSpace within the body). A profound shift happens at this point. The uplifting happens! This uplifting brings great joy, insight, and peace as well as power to move forward. Your resiliency will be restored as well.

We exist within this Buoyancy Hope and marvel at its beauty and grace. We hope you connect with this energy and are richly blessed by it!