There is time and there is space for the things that matter. Take the time to choose which things matter for you and space for those things will happen.

That is the difficulty. Finding time to choose what matters to allow within your life.

Within the moment of creation, time began, matter was created all because Divine Source chose to make it so. What are you creating within your life? Chaos? Peace? Strife? Worry? Fear? Joy? Harmony? These expressions of creation happen within your realm of power.

Certainly, there may be circumstances beyond your control. And perhaps those circumstances may be perceived as unfair or unacceptable. Yet, within these challenges arise the wisdom to choose Peace, Joy, and Harmony. These energies allow the mind to rest and release fear and worry. These energies allow the heart to rest and release fear and strife which lead to chaos.

Finding these elemental energies is not as hard as it sounds, Dear One. Peace is already present within your awareness. Joy already exists within your energy field. Harmony extends beyond the heavens and resonates here on Earth.

Once the resisting energies are noticed, they can fall away to reveal the sought after energies of Peace, Joy, and Harmony. Once noticed, these elemental energies expand and surround your being. Then these energies emerge and bless all those around you. With amplified intent (expanded awareness), these energies encircle the world. Even if you do not see immediate results or the results you expect, the energies are doing their work - blessing all who exist on this planet.

So, Dear One, notice when resisting energies arise in your mind and your heart. Within this noticing, you grant yourself time and space. Within this time and space, your awareness expands to release those energies and the elemental energies of Peace, Joy, and Harmony restore themselves to you within this expanded awareness within time and space. Then, your attention blesses those things that matter to you. What a powerful action this is.

We bless you in this.