Church Services 1-16-22

The Heart of Love. Releasing a troubled heart and restoring the Heart of Love. Meditation to the old mansion. Interpretation is below. 

Guided Meditation: The Old Mansion
#1 Entry = What you are ready to begin
a. Hat with real silver trim = You are ready to share your insights, inspirations and ideas in a new way.
b. Umbrella w/golden handle = You are ready to open up to new possibilities of great value to yourself and others.
c. Cane with mother of pearl handle = You are ready to discover new ways to uplift and strengthen yourself and others.
d. Other - You are ready to soar and be free.
2. Library = Pay attention to this
a. Ancient Scroll = Remember the sacred truth of who you are.
b. Leather bound 1st edition = Be unique - accomplish your goals in a unique way.
c. Gold reading glasses = Look again at patterns. Are they helpful? Keep them. Not? Release them - create new patterns.
d. Other = Pay attention to the deep calling within - Don't hear it? It's been a song/melody/note through your whole life. Listen again for it.
3. Office = Spirit Help
a. Gold letter opener = Spirit amplifies insights and awareness for you so be mindful of your thoughts.
b. Pen and inkwell = Spirit brings your intentions into reality (manifesting).
c. Signet Ring = Spirit validates your thoughts and commitments so be mindful of what you say to yourself and others.
d. Other = Spirit amplifies your actions so be mindful of what you choose to do.
4. Drawing Room /Parlor = Result/Blessing
a. Oil lamp = You clearly see your way to bless and be blessed.
b. Captain's Chair = You are empowered and empower others to greatness.
c. Vase = You take a stand for your truth in a positive and supportive way.
d. Other = You walk away from difficulty and into grace and peace.