Church Services 1-2-22

Healing Codes #5 - Joy, plus Divine Blessing for Baby Vibra. This year's moto: Do something new in 2022!! 

Here is our Divine Church Prayer: The Divine Fellowship Prayer (Members were asked to describe The Divine Fellowship in one word. This prayer was created as a collective of these words.)

Loving Spirit of Light, We are grateful for this Divine Church Home Where we feel safe, connected, loved, and joyful.

We ask that Angels of Light shine grace on our journey, bringing us bodacious laughter, and the truth of our wondrous destiny.

As beacons of Light, may we shine our abundant blessings and unconditional love, creating Unity with all.

And so it is.

Here is Vibra's Blessing: The Divine Fellowship Blessing for Vibra Star Endline-Means. Date: 1/2/22.  Mom – Kacee Rae Means; Dad – Dominique Lee Endline; Sisters RaeLee and Zya.

May you find your purpose in life and fulfill it

May you find joy in life and share it

May you find worthy work and do it

May you find your sacred self and be it

May you bless and be blessed

And, May The Source Be With You