Scared is Sacred a Little Mixed Up! When we get scared we forget we are sacred. Here's how to reconnect with the Sacred Self. Guided Meditation: The Crystal Library. Interpretations of the Crystal Library are below video.

Crystal Library Meditation (1/21/24) with Janice Lynch

Enter Library – filled with wall-to-wall bookshelves filled with crystals. Wander around. Take it in. Guided to a back room where Master Librarians work. They not only research all types of crystals, they also research their metaphysical powers. (Fun Job!) You are guided to a long library table filled with crystals of all shapes and kinds.

 1. You are asked which of these four groups of crystals do you prefer . . . Indicates how best to connect in with your Sacred Self.

  • a. Amethyst = Talk to God/Spirit. Speak from your heart and know that you are heard with deep compassion and tenderness.
  • b. Rose Quartz = Count your blessings. For you gratitude is a super power that unlocks you from distress.
  • c. Clear Quartz = Breathe and let go. Your breath clears you mind, emotions, body, and soul. Breathe and just be.
  • d. Fluorite (Chinese) = Activate your compassion by being of service. Bless and be blessed.

2. You are asked which form of crystal you prefer . . . Indicates How God/Spirit will help you.

  • a. Orb = Spirit will round out the sharp edges of life that feel uncomfortable for you. You feel safe and complete.
  • b. Cluster = Spirit will bring to you others of like mind so you grow in a good way.
  • c. Point = Spirit will help you focus your intent and your energy. You move forward effortlessly knowing your next right step.
  • d. Slab = Spirit helps you to remain open, transparent, and authentic while feeling protected.

3. The Master Librarian sends energy to the crystal you have chosen and the crystal responds. Indicates action to take.

  • a. Glows = Shine on! You’ve got this!
  • b. Levitates = Rise up and feel free!
  • c. Transforms = Try something new. Your creative side holds great power!
  • d. Hums = Honor your own true self. Sing your own Soul’s song.

4. When you notice this crystal responding to energy, you feel it in your body. Where you feel this indicates the result of tapping into your Sacred Self.

  • a. Heart = Honor goes with you.
  • b. Mind = Wisdom follows you.
  • c. Body = Life feels sweet.
  • d. Soul = You emerge a leader.