Healing the Inner Being. Healing process to heal the Inner Being The video cut out right the process, though the process was completed and we finished communion. Though not included in the video that cut out on us, the comments about the process were profound!

Tremendous healing happened with this. A few people had difficulty with the symbolism and the reclaiming of energy was not as clear as it could have been. We shifted the symbolism and they felt a huge shift and received a profound healing.

Example: One person had a butterfly the symbolized change as her challenge she was facing. When she visualized the butterfly flitting around, it brought to her the many moves she had made as a kid. By focusing on the flitting rather than the butterfly itself, she then could receive back/reclaim a sense of stability while dismissing/releasing the unsettled feeling.

One person remembered being told they were terrible at mechanical things and her current challenge is learning computer stuff. She was able to reclaim a natural ability to learn and grow while releasing disapproval.

Many other stories were shared, but I'm hopeful these examples will assist you in visioning your symbolic object and visioning the release of negative energy while receiving your own positive energy back.

Reminder of the process: Visualize a symbolic object that represents your challenge. Put it at the far end of the valley. I hereby release (negative energy) and I hereby reclaim (positive energy). visualize unwanted energy flowing away from you and into the object while visualizing positive energy flowing back to you. After a full release and reclaiming, say, "I AM" three times.

Remember if you are dealing with severe trauma, please consult a licensed mental health practitioner. I hope this process blesses you richly!!!