Church Services 1-9-22

Vault of Divine Love. Meditation based upon a "Dream" I experienced earlier this week. Symbolism Revealed Below. 

Symbolism Revealed:
1. Left Combination symbol = Seek this now
a. Star = Seek worthy work, sacred action, the next step
b. Diamond = Seek healing, clarity and forgiveness
c. Triangle = Seek Divine Connection - the sacred bond of Spirit
d. Other = Seek new focus, goal, hope or dream
2. Right Combination Symbol = Do this now
a. Heart = Express kindness to self and others (not just yeah, yeah, sure, sure, but really express kindness! It is powerful!)
b. Infinity = Move gently with awareness from moment to moment
c. X = Take a breath, take a moment, take a bow. (Acknowledge how far you've come!)
d. Other = Stand your ground find your strength and live it.
3. Left Combo Symbol = Spirit help
a. Square = Spirit opens door for you and you are given strength to walk through
b. Circle = Spirit brings renewal energy so that you may heal yourself and others
c. Teardrop = Spirit brings you new hope, new joy, and new opportunities
d. Other = Spirit helps you find peace and the ability to relax, refresh and reset
4. The gift given by the guide = your new life password(s)
a. Sword = Love finds a way!
b. Jewel = My time to shine!
c. Gold chain = I bless and am blessed!
d. Other = I join in, in the highest octave!
To bring it all together, fill this in:
I get to seek (answer #1)
I do this now (answer #2)
Spirit helps me in this way (answer #3)
My new life password is this (answer #4)
As I live this new password (answer #4)
Spirit helps me by (answer #3)
So now I can do this (answer #2)
And so now I find (answer #1)
I hope this blesses you richly.