Being the Light. Guided Meditation: The Crystal Pyramid. (Interpretation is below the video).

The Crystal Pyramid Meditation Interpretation:

(if you receive anything different in your meditation other than these suggestions, read the "Other" option and take note of the symbolism of the object you perceived. It may have additional information for you and your spiritual journey)

The Crystal Pyramid represents finding your spiritual strength.
1. Guide = How to access spiritual strength
a. Angel = Ask, seek, and sense Divine Connection
b. Orb of Light = Breathe and see the Light within
c. Other = Reconnect with like-minded others
2. Doorway = Your biggest spiritual challenge now
a. Carved crystal = Recognizing how far you've come
b. Raw Crystal = Remembering the Truth of who you are (a Being of Light!)
c. Other - Opening up to your own spiritual power
3. Passageway = Your next step spiritually
a. Triangle = Focus your intent ("I Am") and follow where it leads
b. Square = Release unwanted patterns by doing something new
c. Other = Awaken your compassionate heart of service and take action of kindness
4. Central Chamber = What Spirit wants you to know now
a. Throne Room = Your true power is being revealed
b. Sacred Pool = Power now flows through you
c. Other = You now access a new spiritual power
5.Gift = Spirit Help
a. Crystal Sword = The power of your words heals many
b. Crystal Staff = Your heart leads others to hope
c. Other = Your kindness blesses others

You may wish to create an affirmation for yourself by reading this in reverse and changing statements from "you" to "I" . . . then adding and thereby I fire up my spiritual strength. Example: (5a)Spirit helps me recognize that the power of my words heals many. (4b)My true power is now being revealed as (3a) I focus my "I Am" intent and follow where it leads. (2b)My biggest challenge is remembering the truth of who I am (a Sacred Being of Light) so (1c)I choose to reconnect with like-minded others and thereby I fire up my spiritual strength.