Clear the Fear. Our fears reveal our hidden powers. Take a new look in a new way! Walk in the Woods meditation.

A Walk In The Woods Guided Meditation by Janice Lynch

Choose a situation for the focus of this meditation. Interpretation:

1. Noticing the beautiful autumn day, a leaf blows towards you and you catch it. It is …(= Spiritual aspect to focus upon.)A. Yellow = Awakening your (my) courageB. Orange = Connecting in on a higher level C. Brown = Seeking guidance and purposeD. Other = Letting go of the past

2. You follow a path through a wooded area. Path leads to a large tree. You notice the tree trunk. What you notice about the tree trunk = Next StepA. Sap = Stick with itB. Heart with initials = Be the love you are (I am) —love leads the wayC. Squirrels nest = Rest and rechargeD. Other = Make a new plan

3. You find a fallen tree and sit on it. What sound comes into your awareness? Sound = what haunts you now.A. Woodpecker = Negative wordsB. Squirrel = Duty/effort/obligation/busy-busy-busyC. Geese = The unseen futureD. Other/silence = Disconnecting from your (my) true self

4. A spirit being comes to sit with you = What will blesses you (me) now.A. St George/St. John/St. Christopher Turner = Your tribe of like-minded onesB. Angel = Your acts of kindness—Bless and blessed (blessed and being blessed)C. Jesus = Your (My) faith now blesses you (me) richlyD. Other = All of the above

5. You are given a gift = Clue to overcoming being overcome (by stress/distress)A. Tool = Doing something positive for self and othersB. Music Box = Engaging in music and the flow of lifeC. Jewel or Jewelry = Practicing gratitude and looking for the beauty in every situation.D. Other = Noticing your (my) own light— (I) Shine on!!

*****In reverse—

5 = I overcome Fear by doing this ..4 = What blesses me now is this …3 = So, when I feel haunted by …2 = I take this step …1 = Then I can focus on this! ...